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City of Palmhusrt Amnesty Period

Palmhurst Mucicipal Court Amnesty Period

February 15, 2019 thru March 8, 2019

palmhurst adDuring this time, the Judge may dismiss the “Failure to Appear” charge on defendants who have failed to appear before the Court provided the defendant pays all fines and fees in full immediately. The amount dismissed for the “Failure to Appear” charge may be up to $206.

➢ Pay Online:

➢ By Mail:
4417 N. Shary Rd., Palmhurst,
Texas 78573

➢ In Person:
We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks

For more information please call 956-583-2695

City of Palmhurst
4417 N. Shary Rd. • Palmhurst, TX 78573

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