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City of Penitas Vehicle Auction


Auction of Vehicles

According to the provision in the Transportation Code 683, Sub-section B, 683.012, Texas Department of Transportation informs you that the below mentioned cars have been taken into custody by the Penitas Police Department and will be sold at auction. For information on vehicles you can communicate with the Penitas Police Department at (956) 999- 8310. The auction will be held at 2001 E. 3 Mile Rd. Penitas, Texas, 78576 (Penitas Police Substation) on March 02, 2019. Starting auction will be at 1:00 PM, and will be held according to the law. Payment will be in cash (US currency) or Credit/ Debit Cards with a processing fee. The vehicles are auctioned under their conditions which there are no guarantees and/or refunds.

    Color    Make     Model         VIN
1. Maroon Pontiac Grand Am 1G2NE52F55M137378
2. Black Honda Accord 1HGCG3253YA001167
3. Silver Mitsubishi Eclipse 4A3AC44G44E051582
4. Gold Chevrolet Malibu 1G1ZT63896F174702
5. Maroon Ford Excursion 1FMNU40L91ED30280
6. Gold Chevrolet Malibu 1G1ZT628X5F123855
7. Black Ford Explorer 1FMZU74W22ZA86912
8. Black Ford Mustang 1ZVBP8AM9C5286861
9. Black Pontiac Grand Am 1G2NF52F43C318374
10. Black Cadillac CTS 1G6DP577360119699
11. Maroon Ford Focus 1FAFP34N86W210385
12.Blue Ford Expedition 1FMRU15W42LA61511
13. Gray Chevrolet Malibu 1G1ZS58F97F131208
14.Tan GMC Sierra 1GTEC19T4YZ159806

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