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Palmhurst approves sidewalk improvement project

This article originally appeared in the Progress Times issue dated Friday, March 22, 2019.

Palmhurst council members approved a sidewalk improvement project along three miles of their major road.

Councilmembers approved the Palmhurst sidewalk improvement project at their Monday council meeting for three miles of sidewalk from Stewart to Taylor Roads along the 3 Mile Line.

CityohPalmhurstLogoThe project, which was awarded to the Mission-based Celso Gonzalez Construction, Inc, firm, will improve the sidewalk south of the roads on Palmhurst’s busiest road.

The sidewalk project will connect the retail stores alongside 3 Mile and Conway to residents in the city, Palmhurst City Manager Lori Lopez said.

“We’re trying to make the city more pedestrian friendly,” Lopez said Thursday. “This is the culmination of five years of implementing sidewalks along the three-mile line starting on Conway to accommodate the businesses in the area. When H-E-B arrived they added a sidewalk to the street and we’ve been following suit since then.”

According to Lopez, safety was a motivation to include the sidewalks as most residents used to walk along the streets when cars were crossing before the sidewalks were put in place.

Lopez said the project should begin within 45 days and should take approximately 90 days to finish.

In the future, Lopez said the city is interested in including more bus shelters along the sidewalk to accommodate residents using the public transportation system Valley metro, which currently has two bus lines that go into Palmhurst.

Palmhurst awarded the sidewalk improvement project to CGC after they made a base bid of a little more than $74,000 for phase one of the project, which consists of sidewalk improvements from Stewart to Glasscock roads. The other two roads in the project will improved in the following two phases of the project for an additional $124,000. The city will pay for this project through money from their general fund.

“We’re excited to kick off this project,” Lopez said.

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