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Mission CISD honors top students in class of 2019

A rose, much like a student’s education, can blossom depending on its environment.

That’s according to Mission High School senior Alejandro Hernandez, who spoke to his fellow seniors last week during the 2019 Mission Academic Award Excellence Banquet. Held March 22, the event brought together a total of 57 students, the top five percent of each of Mission CISD’s graduating class.

20190321 MissionExcellenceClass2019“Being excellent isn’t just about banquet and awards. It brings that feeling we all get when we finish a long and tedious project for class, that feeling of getting a 100 on the test we strived so hard for,” Hernandez said. “It brings us pride, knowing that we can accomplish what we set our mind to.”

As part of the banquet, each student brought along the educator who served as their mentor. The educators were individually gifted a red rose from their student.

“Over the course of our education we have been nurtured, prepared for by educators,” Hernandez said. “Our roses are perfect, each one made unique by you Thank you educators for allowing us to blossom.”

The event brought the 57 best from Mission CISD’s three high schools-24 from Veterans Memorial High School, five from Mission Collegiate High School and 28 from Mission High School-all under one roof.

Mission CISD school board President Petra B. Ramirez noted that the event marked the beginning of the end for the seniors in high school. The banquet was the first of several events celebrating the accomplishments of the seniors who will be graduating Monday, June 3.

“Now, you’re going into the world, and I’m sure that every single one of you is ready to face it,” Ramirez told the students. “Our educators and your parents have all worked hard to get you all ready to go out there and fly high. Always remember, you came from Mission CISD. Be proud, leave your brand everywhere you go.”

Other people who spoke during the event included Mission collegiate high School senior Carina Martinez and Veterans Memorial High School senior Michael Angelo Iglesias.

Both graduating students reminisced about their 14 years in school starting from kindergarten all the way to the end of high school.

“The friends we made who were in grades above us and gave us perspective on our upcoming classes and teachers who we encountered and the advice they gave, they made us the leaders of tomorrow with their investment in us,” Martinez said. “You have pushed and persisted us into reaching our full potential. When you see we are not doing that, you all have kept us on track to the success you knew in your hearts we could achieve. You inspire us to exceed limits beyond our own doubts.”

Iglesias expressed thanks to educators and parents in the room for guiding the students in the room on the path of success they are currently in.

“This couldn’t have been possible without the love and support we received from everyone,” Iglesias said. “Without our parents, none of us would’ve been here. You taught us how to speak, walk, and showed us right from wrong, you’re our first teachers. To the educators here today, thank you. You made it your goal to tap into the education of multiple students. As a result of our hard work and dedication. We’ve been able to achieve our goals beyond expectations.”

In her closing remarks, Mission CISD Superintendent Carol G. Perez bid farewell to her students. The Mission CISD classes of 2019 will be her first graduating class as superintendent for the district.

“The class will set off to journey on their own, but they will not be alone,” Perez said. “They will continue to have the love and support of their families and be able to call upon their special educators and upon the Mission CISD family at any time.”

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