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La Joya High School class of 2019 looks to the future

The 2019 graduates from La Joya High School celebrated their accomplishments surrounded by family and friends early Tuesday morning.

This week, La Joya High School graduated the class of 2019 at the State Farm Arena. Hundreds of families filled the stadium seats as the students walked as one group for the last time.

20190528 LaJoyaHSGraduationPrincipal Antonio Cano served as the master of ceremonies, and introduced the speakers, administrators and board members present at the graduation.

“Whatever path you follow, wherever that takes you, you will always be a La Joya Coyote from La Joya High School,” Cano said.

Caleb Andrew Guerrero, the third-ranking student, gave the welcoming remarks to his fellow graduates.

“This is the La Joya High School class of 2019: ready to make an impact, strive for greatness and live the American dream,” Guerrero said. “I pretty much speak for all of us when I say thank you to every family member, teacher and administrator for all you have done to get us to where we are now.”

Guerrero told his peers that they are all facing a pivotal moment in their lives.

“We all have our own choices, we all have our own path,” Guerrero said. “Wherever life may lead us, always remember where you come from.”

This sentiment was echoed by salutatorian Rodolfo Peña, Jr., who said that the bonds they all formed during their years at La Joya High School will live on in their memories and lasting friendships.

“Just remember you’re never alone,” Peña said. “Everyone in this graduating class today is a family, and will forever be a Coyote.”

Peña said that despite all the hardships students go through, they persevered and made it to the finish. He encouraged everyone not to be afraid of what is to come, but to embrace it.

“Although we have accomplished something great, I want to take this time to remind each and every single one of you that this isn’t the end, this is only the beginning,” Peña said. “We are about to venture into uncharted waters and experience life without limitations. Each of us has the potential to do something amazing with our lives.”

Peña thanked his friends, teachers and parents for their continued support through his high school career. He wished the best for all the class of 2019.

Valedictorian Josiah Jonathan Garza gave his valedictory address during the ceremony, and said he represents hundreds of remarkable individuals that make up the class of 2019, their parents and teachers.

“The people that gave us the pieces that we are made of are always going to be in our hearts,” Garza said. “Remember class of 2019, that our homes are where we heal and find the rest needed to get ourselves through the obstacles we face.”

Garza thanked his mother, family and friends for giving him comfort and strength throughout his life. He said that if the students remember anything from his speech, it is that they always need to remember to find their way home.

“Our faith is one of the strongest tools we can bring to any situation,” Garza said. “Because each and every one of us in attendance today has overcome trials and tribulations with determination, a whole lot of faith and with the journey home on the back of our minds.”

Superintendent Dr. Gisela Sáenz officially certified the graduates. They each took the stage and were awarded their diplomas by all the members of the board of trustees.

The closing remarks were given by Student Council President Joshua Baldomero Loya, who congratulated the class of 2019.

“We have prepared ourselves for the obstacles that are yet to come, and have found the necessary foundation for prosperity,” Loya said. “We have each encountered adversities which has planted the seed that defines who we are, and has also provided the inspiration to continue to strive for tomorrow, our progress and growth.”

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