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Letter to the Editor: Dear Mission Taxpayers

This article originally appeared in the Friday June 21, 2019 issue of the Progress Times.

Dear Mission Taxpayers:
There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, political, nor popular, but because ones conscience says it is the right thing to do.

Letters to the editorThis letter is directed at all current MCISD school board members. No one in particular is being singled out. A growing majority of Mission citizens feel that the moral values that were once held so dear by the school district have somehow fallen by the wayside in exchange for personal gratification.

There was a time in the RGV (Region 1) when MCISD was admired and respected as one of the leading educational institutions in South Texas. What happened? Many community members have witnessed a general erosion of those moral values that were once held in high esteem in exchange for a less than the best education for the children of MCISD.

The MCISD school board will soon be setting the budget for 2019-2020 school year. Money is tight as it is every year. The MCISD school board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all students at all levels (AP or regular) receive a quality education including appropriate academic supplies that the teachers can offer.

One of the major concerns that the Mission community has is the various “trips” MCISD board members take on behalf of the school district. What kind of follow through has been considered, if any, with the knowledge gained at the conferences? Has this information been put to good use?
Another thing, why do some board members take their entire family (as many as 7 or 8 family members) to said conference? Why must MCISD pick up the tab for this expense? Or do vendors pick up the tab in exchange for “contracts”?

The Mission community has a right to ask these questions as taxpayers. If this really bothers some board members, then there is a simple solution- DON’T RUN FOR RE-ELECTION. The community is aware of what is going on.

Many community members are appalled at what occurs “under the table”. As board members, you too would be if it were your money that was recklessly spent. Let us, as the Mission community, restore MCISD to the exceptional district it once was. It can be done! And if it isn’t, we can effect change- it’s called “voting”.

The silent majority is watching what the board is doing.

The silent majority will no longer be silent. Examine your conscience carefully. Free will allows you to do the right thing or not- then resign now. The public knows who you are. Do we need to name names?

The Concerned Mission Taxpayers

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