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New projects will increase safety measures at La Joya ISD

Safety incidents are on the rise nationally and in order to deliver the best education La Joya Independent School District continues to maintain safety a top priority.

La Joya ISD Board of Trustees and Administration are committed to the safety of students and staff. Board of Trustees have approved projects that will increase safety measures. We will provide safe surroundings and increase security by installing electronic gates in all campuses to secure outside parameters by enclosing them. This will help monitor employees and visitors that arrive at our campuses.

LJISD LogoAn additional safety measure is a state of the art radio communication system for our police department, first responders in the area and school district staff. This radio communication system will increase connectivity throughout our district, shorten the response time in emergencies, and reach areas that our current system does not, such as schools in the seven mile line area. This update is designed to improve and increase district response to any incident using a unified command system.

“At La Joya ISD safety is and always will be our number one priority — we want our community to know that providing a safe and secure environment for our students and staff is imperative and our priority each and every day.” stated, Raul Gonzalez LJISD Police Chief.

“We believe that if students do not feel safe, then appropriate learning cannot take place in our classrooms,” added Gonzalez.

La Joya ISD’s Police Department is staffed with a total of 60 Police Officers, 27 Security Officers, and 3 K9 Officers. The role of a police officer has a lot in common with traditional law enforcement, but there are key differences. The demands of a police officer’s job is unique to a school district, and the role entails being the first line of active shooter response, first-aid or medical care, fire response, handling cases and reports, weather-related emergency response, or handling cases of lost IDs or theft. Security Guards are primarily a support to campus police. The responsibilities of a security guard are more focused on access – maintaining the front end security for the grounds and facilities. By conducting routine inspections or monitoring the facility desk, security guards observe and report any suspicious behavior, hazardous weather conditions, or unauthorized intruders. While security guards are often able to control access to buildings or manage traffic patterns, the role is less focused on emergency response.

The safety and security of students and staff is a shared responsibility. Our district serves over 27,000 students and 4,200 employees – and everyone plays a vital role in the well-being of students.

La Joya ISD has many practices and procedures in place to help safeguard our children every minute of every day to, from and on campus. Detailed safety plans such as the All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan, is adopted by the school district to execute if an incident may arise.

This EOP describes who will do what, as well as when, with what resources, and by what authority–before, during, and immediately after an emergency. This All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan has been carefully planned, written, and put in place, and will be practiced frequently with our students and staff. We will continue to practice and update these plans as is necessary.

Preserving trust among staff, students, and families; and creating an environment where students feel empowered to report any safety concerns is important in our district.” stated David Nacianceno, LJISD Emergency Management Coordinator.

“Importantly, supporting students’ psychological safety helps build their resilience and ability to cope when a crisis does occur in any setting.” Added Nacianceno.

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