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Peñitas Auction of vehicles

Auction of Vehicles
According to the provision in the Transportation Code 683, Sub-section B, 683.012, Texas Department of Transportation informs you that the below mentioned cars have been taken into custody by the Peñitas Police Department and will be sold at auction. For information on vehicles you can communicate with the Peñitas Police Department at (956) 999- 8310. The auction will be held at 2001 E. 3 Mile Rd. Peñitas, Texas, 78576 (Peñitas Police Substation) on March 14, 2020. Starting auction will be at 11:00 AM and will be held according to the law. Payment will be in cash (US currency) or Credit/ Debit Cards with a processing fee. The vehicles are auctioned under their conditions which there are no guarantees and/or refunds.
1. 2001    Tan         Buick Lesabre 1G4HP54K314129945
2. 2007   Blue        Suzuki Vitara JS3TE944574201932
3. 2004   Black      Ford Taurus 1FAFP55204A212271
4. 2007    Blue        Dodge Caliber 1B3HB48B47D268516
5. 2000   Brown    Ford Ranger 1FTYR10V9YPB53120
6. 2010    Silver     Dodge Nitro 1D4BT2GKXAW142785
7. 2003   White      Chevrolet Tahoe 1GNEC132X3R223117
8. 2006   Maroon  Chevrolet Malibu 1G1ZT51886F173537
9. 2001   Red           Ford Pickup 1FTRX17W91NB21195
10. 2000  Tan         GMC Yukon 1GKEC13T0YJ113417
11. 2007    Silver     Ford Mustang 1ZVFT80N675331638
12. 2005   Black     Chevrolet Malibu 1G1ZS52F45F137455
13. 2009   Maroon   Pontiac G6 1G2ZH57N94165622
14. 2007   Purple      BMW 328i WBAVA33597KX83326
15. 2003   Blue         Volvo XC90 T6 YV1CM91H831020158
16. 2004   Gray        Chrysler Pacifica 2C8GM68484R581299

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