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Alton breaks ground on new subdivision

Within a few years, more than 40 families will be making their new home in Alton after the city broke ground on a new subdivision Saturday.

Last week, city leaders were at the groundbreaking of Mt. Zion Estates, a subdivision on the 800 block of North Trosper Road. They were joined by members of Galilee Properties LLC, the Houston based company constructing the subdivision in the 10-acre area.

Officials with the city of Alton and Galilee Properties LLC at the groundbreaking for Mt. Zion Estates Saturday, March 14, 2020. Progress Times photo by Jose De Leon III.

“We came here to retire but we saw a need for affordable housing,” Maria Gomez, co-owner of Galilee Properties said. “Our slogan is ‘building homes for better living’ because we saw the space that low income families need does not accommodate what is available to them. We want to make houses more affordable, help them achieve that American dream.”

According to Gomez’s husband, Francisco Gomez, Mt. Zion Estates will be a 42-lot subdivision in property neighboring him and his wife’s home, which will be converted to the company’s corporate office.

The houses will range from 2,600 square feet to 3,400 square feet with discounts available to teachers, first responders and law enforcement agents.

“We’re originally from here and wanted to give back to the community in some way,” Francisco said. “We’re going to clear up this property, build a street and lay down lines for power and gas stoves and we should have four model homes built in six months.”

Alton City Manager Jeff Underwood praised the new development.

“It makes us stronger, they’re investing in Alton and the Mission school district and that’s what it means,” Underwood said. “We’re looking at the investment of someone trusting our schools, our fire and police department, our city to take care of him and his investment. When Francisco came in with this proposal six months ago, it seemed like just a dream he wanted to get done but his excitement was contagious. I’m glad we’re getting it done.”

Other developments happening in the city include a stormwater development project to mitigate flooding near the area and a 50-lot subdivision north of Mt. Zion Estates, Underwood said.

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