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Lazarus Sunday

The 2nd Sunday of the Corona Virus shutdown!

Lord, save your people! He will! He always does! 

Father Roy Snipes during Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019. Progress Times photo by Jose De Leon III

By now you all know that all our public Masses have been canceled, so there’s no more schedule for now. 

However, we will be celebrating Sunday and week-day Masses without our family of Faith physically 

present. We’ll be praying at the table of the Lord for you and with you, but from a 

distance. All your Mass intentions will be remembered at the Masses. We continue to 

celebrate in our big beautiful lonesome Church.

“If home is where the heart is, I’m homesick for you.”(Kane Brown) 

You can “log on” to pick up our “lonesome Sunday Mass” on Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Facebook page. The last two Sunday’s are already online. If you don’t have access to Facebook, you could come by our office and pick up a DVD! We’ll leave our good “down home” music and songs playing on the outside speakers and the lights on at night; sweet, and consoling sights and sounds to behold! You might drive by for a quick prayer on your way to somewhere “essential”! 

It seems possible, even likely, that this will extend to and beyond Palm Sunday and Holy Week. For sure we’ll come through this with flying colors and ringing bells! When it’s over we’ll thank God and we’ll love and appreciate life, each other and our celebration of life and love at Mass, more tenderly and deeply than ever!

Be sure and repeat Granddaddy Snipes’ tender reassurance to your children and grandchildren.

“Don’t worry darlin’! It’s going to be alright.” We’ll survive and thrive! Another of his favorite “wisdom sayings” that is real important now is that, “as long as we gotta be miserable we might as well enjoy it!”

Our Lady of Guadalupe and all the Saints with our family in Heaven are praying for us and with us! 


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