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Hidalgo County reports 7 new COVID-19 cases

The total of COVID-19 cases in Hidalgo County now stands at 188 after the county announced seven new cases Saturday.

33 of the 188 individuals have been hospitalized, six are in intensive care units and no no new individuals have been released from isolation, the release stated.

“All the news cases and their family members have been ordered to isolate themselves at home,” according to the release.

Among the new cases is the first one for the city of Palmview, the city said in a news release, adding that investigators with the Hidalgo County Health Department are still investigating to determine who this person may have been in contact with.

“Since the outbreak of this pandemic has taken the most aggressive measures to safe guard our residents from this deadly virus and will continue to do so. Although we have our first positive case, we are confident our proactive measures will prove successful,” the release stated. “We remind our residents we have the most formidable weapon in our possession to defeat this deadly virus, and its for each of our residents to stay home and avoid exposure at all costs.”


County officials urged residents not to use any inflatables on Easter Sunday.
“Over the last few days, city and county officials have received several phone calls from citizens asking if inflatable playscapes are OK to use,” Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez Cortez said. “They are not. The companies who rent them are not considered essential businesses and the playscapes themselves are too large to efficiently disinfect. County health experts are strongly advising people to stay off these inflatable playscapes, which have become a staple of Easter gatherings.”


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