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DHR Health to participate in HERO registry

The DHR Health Institute for Research and Development is joining other U.S. healthcare workers in sharing clinical and life experiences on the COVID-19 pandemic frontlines.

The DHR Health Institute is joining the Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes (HERO) Registry to provide the perspectives and problems faced by those on the COVID-19 pandemic front lines, DHR announced in a Thursday news release.

The HERO Registry is asking hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals to participate in the registry they say will unite America’s healthcare workers into a community to facilitate rapid-cycle research.

The research includes an upcoming large study of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in preventing coronavirus infections in healthcare workers, the release states.

“We’re calling on healthcare workers in the Rio Grande Valley to share their perspectives so that we can understand and provide answers to the problems they face in real time – and over time,” DHR Health CEO Manish Singh, MD, stated in the news release. “This is the time to be proactive, to develop ways to stay safe on the front lines. I encourage everyone to be a part of HERO—and part of the solution.”

The HERO Registry will help speed clinical studies that address unmet needs for healthcare workers  through ongoing surveys, and track critical health outcomes associated with caring for patients with COVID-19, such as stress and burnout thanks to partnerships with  PCORnet®, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

“We have strong working partnership with PCORnet® to address major healthcare issues,” said Sohail Rao, MD, MA, DPhil, President and Chief Executive Officer, DHR Health Institute for Research and Development. “COVID-19 is a pandemic that our community is facing today and DHR Health and the DHR Health Institute for Research and Development is working with regional partners to meet this challenge.”

There is no cost to enroll in the HERO Registry and registration takes only a few minutes.  The registry will follow a protocol developed by the Duke Clinical Research Institute and data guidelines to keep healthcare worker information secure.

To learn more about the HERO Registry, visit

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