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Letters to the editor

To the Editor:

Do you know who’s voting by mail this election? Donald Trump. And do you know who’s making it harder for everyone else in the country to vote by mail in the middle of a global pandemic? That’s right — Donald Trump. 

He and other White House officials have gone on record with false claims against mail-in voting, even though it’s one of the safest options for us to cast our ballots as the country recovers from this pandemic.

In the face of Trump’s hypocrisy, I expect Congress to do the right thing and provide both economic relief and expanded funding for no-excuse absentee voting, early voting, and other options to make voting safer this November. These are all common-sense reforms that a vast majority of Americans support and changes that would help increase voter participation during and after this crisis.

Even though Congress allocated some funds to help states implement these voting reforms, without an additional $3.6 billion in election assistance funding, some voters may not be able to make their voices heard during one of the most important elections of our lifetime.

We must prevent a situation where voters are forced to choose between protecting their health and casting a ballot — no matter what Trump says. 

Congress has the ability to act right now and we need to make sure our representatives know that anything less than immediate action is unacceptable.


Leslie Young

To the Editor:

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on all of our lives is clear. Even as some states begin to recover or even reopen, many of us are still worried for the health and wellbeing of our families, friends, and colleagues.

But I’m also worried about the impact this crisis will have on our elections. After seeing how it impacted elections already this year in places like Wisconsin and Georgia, I’m scared that this pandemic will jeopardize Americans’ ability to vote in-person in the 2020 election. 

While some states are taking steps to help people vote safely, Trump and his administration are going to great lengths to make mail-in voting seem like a voter fraud scheme–even though Trump himself votes by mail. It’s clear that Congress needs to intervene and focus on what’s right for the American people in every state: expanding vote-by-mail and other voting options.

To keep voters safe, we need our representatives in the House and Senate to provide states with emergency funding to ensure that every eligible American can safely cast their ballot through the mail, that they can register to vote online, and that any in-person polling places are safe for voters and poll workers.

For this election, we must protect every eligible voter’s right to have a say in who is in office. The leaders we elect in 2020 can take actions that improve the health and well-being of all Americans, or put us at further risk. 

I’m demanding that our representatives in Congress come together and provide economic relief for Americans and also ensure states have the resources they need to safeguard the 2020 election.

Nothing less than our democracy is at stake. 


Veronica Sotelo

To the Editor:

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our families, our economy, and our elections. But Congress has the power to intervene right now.

In response to safety concerns and pressure from constituents like me, Congress has already passed limited funds to expand absentee voting, online registration, and in-person early voting, but it’s simply not enough.

Without $4 billion in total funding for election assistance, voters may not be able to make their voices heard during one of the most important elections of our lifetime. We need our leaders to prevent a situation where any voter is forced to choose between protecting their health and casting their ballot.

While these policies are critical as we recover from this national crisis, voting reforms like expanding no-excuse absentee voting and online voter registration are common-sense changes that will help voters participate in the political process. Multiple states have already adopted vote-by-mail, and their models could be implemented across the country. 

I expect Congress to provide more economic relief, but the next bill also needs to include expanded funding for mail-in voting, more early voting at safe polling places, and other options to make voting as safe as possible this November.

If voting by mail is good enough for Donald Trump, it should be good enough for all of us. Congress needs to make it possible for every eligible American to vote by mail if they choose to do so.


Felipe N Degollado

To whom it may concern,

Mission CISD has a process in place for in person teaching. The district should be allowed to open in August as planned because essential employees like providers, city employees, first responders, etc etc need to be at work all day and cannot teach their children at home. I am elderly and need a provider. She cannot teach her kids while taking care of me. There are other elderly individuals who also need this help while their families work. No one has addressed this critical issue. Even if kids go to daycare, who will instruct them? Daycares are not equipped to teach students given that there are too many variable factors like varying grade levels and district requirements. Daycare workers are not certified teachers. 

Who has answers? I need them addressed NOW. 

Dorothy Prukop

Mission, Texas

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