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MCISD to receive report on Tom Landry Stadium renovation project

By next week, Mission school board trustees may be briefed on findings of an assessment report for the multi-million dollar Tom Landry Hall of Fame stadium that was approved last fall.

 “As we know, the stadium was completed a few years ago, however, there were some items that needed correcting,” district maintenance director Ricardo Rivera told the school board during a Wednesday workshop. “We had concerns regarding cracks on the concrete and flooding issues so we brought forward to the board to enter in this agreement to do a full project assessment.”

The district approved a contract with the Mission-based Hinojosa Engineering Inc. to do an assessment of the columns supporting the bleachers.

“They brought forward a report that showed there were some possible issues with the structure, that plans and specs may not have been followed,” Rivera said. “We only approved of him doing a scan of half the columns. After the initial report, the board approved for them to do a scan of the entire stadium.”

The report was originally done with ground penetrating radar scans of the concrete columns supporting the stadium to see if the columns were properly enforced and anchored.

“It showed there was a gap between the anchor bolts and rebar in the columns,” Albert Treviño of Hinojosa Engineering informed the board. “A scan last fall showed some of the rebar was not in place in one column but we felt the stadium was safe to use last year. We investigated more and did radar scans of the rest of the structure and saw some don’t have reinforcement either. We’re looking into seeing if it’s affecting the whole structure or not.”

The assessment of the entire stadium will be completed within two months, Treviño said. However, a report of the scans of all the columns will be finalized by next Wednesday during the school board’s regularly scheduled meeting.

With the new school year for Mission CISD set to begin on Tuesday, the district continues to receive portions of the 9,100 Chromebooks that were ordered to be distributed to students.

District Superintendent Dr. Carol Perez informed the board Wednesday that the district received 400 Chromebooks that will soon be distributed to students.

“We distributed most of the 8,000 Chromebooks the district already had prior to the order,” Perez said. “We currently have plenty of devices on hand to meet the demand we’re in, but it’s our intent to ensure every student in the district ends up with a device. At some point when those devices we ordered come in, we’d replace the ones we currently have with new ones.”

An order of 1,000 Chromebooks are expected to arrive by the end of next week, Perez said. 

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