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In response to Dr. Sparks letter about the proposed tax rate hike, I would ask him to consider that for at 17 of the 20 years I have lived here the citizens of Mission have lived under the false assumption that a fast growing city could continually lower its taxes and keep up with increased expenses required by modern infrastructure and the citizens wants and needs. Some of the more obvious results have been severe flooding in some areas of the city, understaffed departments and underpaid employees, antique computer and emergency radio communications systems and brush pick-up capabilities that have not increased as our trees grew around us, the climate changed, and the requirements of technology passed us by.. And yet we can build a Taj Mahal Center that should be called the Mission Rarely an Event Center. Of course, the timing could have been better. These increases could and should have happened ten years ago. Now we have to pay and play catch up. I am sure as a businessman owning many properties in Mission you will be more severely impacted and I am sure, as when you raise rents, your first consideration will be if your tenants can afford it.

Ned Sheats

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