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Starr County bars to remain closed, Halloween activities cancelled

Following Hidalgo County’s decision to prohibit Halloween activities and keep bars closed to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Starr county announced Friday officials have opted to do the same.

Starr County announced the decision in a social media post where they announced a total of 179 people died from COVID-19 related complications.

“They were parents, siblings, sons and daughters, spouses, friends and neighbors,” a letter signed by Starr County Judge eloy Vera said. “We mourn their loss and pray that more deaths can be prevented. A vaccine should be announced in the very near future, but until then we must all work together and practice Starr County Emergency Safety Recommendations.”

The recommendations include practicing social distancing, wearing facial coverings and sanitizing and washing hands.

Though Vera pointed out in his letter that citizens following these recommendations have led to a decrease in the daily number of new COVID-19 infections, the rest of the country is starting to experience a spike in new cases due to large gatherings.

“This year it saddens me to ask for Halloween activities to be suspended, but the safety and wellbeing of all of our children is of the utmost importance and keeping them safe is out number one priority,” Vera’s letter said. “A successful economy is essential for the healthy and prosperous community, but at this time, we are also recommending to suspend opening of local bars.”

New health orders from the county are expected to be announced soon.

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