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Local business celebrates 20 years

If it wasn’t for PostNet, store owner Annette Chavez Alvarado would not have met her husband.

Alvarado opened the Mission location of PostNet 20 years ago this month at 1616 E Griffin Pkwy. and has seen her family, and others, grow.

PostNet employees Melora Alvarado, Melchor Chavez, Annette Chavez-Alvarado and Mike Alvarado. Courtesy photo.

“I first started this business as a shipping company but when I added printing services Michael helped set up the printers and that’s how we met,” Alvarado recalled. “Eventually we married and had a family and I’d bring my daughter to the store and other customers would do the same when they’d come in for our services. It’s been a great privilege to see them grow and transform into responsible adults who are happy, I feel like I’ve been part of their family through the years.”

That sense of privilege is one Alvarado says she uses as motivation to ensure her customer’s needs are met every time they come into her store, which offers shipping and printing services. 

“We treat every package like it’s our own so we pack it safely and send it out, help small businesses with their printing services, we want everything to look great because it’ll look great for customers and us,” Alvarado said. “We also help businesses with their marketing and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the items they need in a timely manner.”

Despite the emerald anniversary of the location, Alvarado said PostNet could not throw a huge celebration to mark the occasion.

“The best we could do is offer discounts we advertised on our Facebook page and promise we’ll make up for a lack of celebration next year,” Alvarado said. “Besides that it was a muted celebration.”

Prior to opening the Mission location, Alvarado had a location in McAllen that opened in 1997 that she eventually sold to focus on the Mission location. PostNet is a franchise based out of Denver and Alvarado was inspired to be part of the franchise by her parents.

“Being with my parents who helped me grow this business has been a great privilege,” Alvarado recalled. “We started out as a shipping place then got into printing over the years which is our most used service.”

Like other businesses, PostNet was hit hard by the pandemic which affected the store’s printing service.

“Since so many businesses were closed, they didn’t require anything printed so shipping became our lifeline,” Alvarado said, adding that her business remained open as it was considered essential because of its shipping services. “Sales went down but we’re still open. It’s a great service we offer for people who want to send packages but don’t want to meet people because of COVID concerns. They feel safer when they come here because we’ve been here for so long.”

As more local businesses reopen, Alvarado said business is resuming normalcy as more clients are requesting printing services. 

“We also help businesses with their advertising and marketing needs and any computer illiteracy issues they have and advise them on what shipping service to use,” Alvarado said. “We get everyone in and out quickly and we’re fine with just this one location. We do a lot.”

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