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Mission chamber to send out second business survey

In an effort to continue to monitor the pulse of Mission business, the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce will do a second business impact survey asking Mission business owners how their businesses were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now that we’ve kicked off the fiscal year we want to identify the needs assessment of our members,” Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce President Brenda Enriquez said. “This is a perfect opportunity to do a second business impact survey.”

Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce

Last June, the Chamber shared results of their Spring Business Impact Survey which found that out of the nearly 300 Mission businesses that responded, 11 percent of Mission businesses have closed either permanently or temporarily due to the pandemic. 48 percent of the businesses surveyed reported having to layoff or furlough at least two-thirds of their employees, or roughly 685 people. 90 percent of the businesses surveyed reported a loss of revenue from the pandemic.

When the survey was done, however, all businesses were at a 25%-50% indoor capacity and many restaurants were operating in a takeout or delivery method only. Since then, businesses have reopened to allow up to 75% capacity.

“We do want to see how our businesses have opened, if they are operating with limited capacity, if they’re hiring, fully staffed or are closed for good,” Enriquez said of the new survey. “We had every business in Mission responding to the last survey and we need to check the pulse of the city right now.”

The survey will be made available on Wednesday, November 11 when Chamber members who completed the initial survey will receive an email with a link to the online survey, Enriquez said.

“We’re going to push everyone to respond to the survey by Thanksgiving and present the findings in a virtual meeting in early December,” Enriquez said. “It is important to keep the community informed of these results and hearing from our businesses is what we need to focus on and that’s what we will do. It’s important to know what the business climate is right now so everyone can be aware of business trends and compare them to the last survey.”

The Spring Business Impact Survey was released after the city of Mission received $1.5 million through the CARES Act Small Business Grant to support local businesses. Because a grant that was made possible through the first round of CARES Act funding, those who completed the Spring survey were able to apply for a grant program where, depending on their need, those who completed the survey were able to receive grants of either $1,000, $3,500 or $7,500.

“Unfortunately because there hasn’t been a second stimulus bill we won’t be able to offer grants like that in this round of the survey,” Enriquez said. 

However, those who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a weekend getaway at the local resort The Bungalows on Shary.

“If there’s a need we see reflected in the survey, we can potentially apply for the grants should a second round of a stimulus package comes in,” Enriquez said. 

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