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Monie talks

Pioneer’s Monie discusses signing with U of H

Obviously the University of Houston knows a good thing when they see one, or even two. This week Sharyland Pioneer track and field standout Daisy Monie signed a National Letter of Intent with U of H where she will be competing in the discus and the shot put just as her sister, and former Lady Diamondback discus state champion, Nora Monie signed with the Lady Cougars six years ago.

Sharyland Pioneer track and field standout Daisy Monie

Even though she’s already graduated from U of H, the elder Monie sister will still be a part of the U of H outdoor track and field team this year due to the fact that she was granted an extra year of competition due to the COVID-19 related cancellation of her senior season last year. Therefore while the two sisters will not be on the same team at the same time, Daisy will be given the opportunity to pick up where her sister will be leaving off, as she will begin attending U of H in the fall of 2021.

The fact that Daisy is following in her sister’s footsteps is no coincidence. She is quick to acknowledge the fact that she has been inspired and influenced by her older sister’s success and accomplishments ever since she took up competitive throwing herself at age seven.

“My sister has had a big influence on me,” the younger Monie said. “She’s one of my biggest inspirations. We’ve trained together, we’ve practiced together and she’s a great athlete. I always look forward to her coming down and us training each other, learning new stuff together and just growing together in the sport.”

It’s not often that a Valley athlete is given a scholarship to a Division 1 school like U of H. So having two sisters accomplish this feat is testament to the fact that, while competing for the Lady Diamondbacks’ track and field team, both Nora and Daisy excelled at not only the district, area and regional levels, but also at the state level.

Daisy takes a lot of pride in the fact that she is being given the opportunity to continue what her sister started with the Lady Cougars six years ago.

“Nora made a great name for herself at Pioneer but she has an even greater name at the University of Houston,” Daisy said. “So for her coaches to want me means a lot. It means that they trust me as an athlete, and they trust that they can build me as a person and as an athlete. So following in Nora’s footsteps is an honor because my sister is very good and I’m very proud of her, and I’m so excited to be going along the same track as her and the same path as her.”

Daisy’s list of accomplishments as part of the Lady Diamondbacks’ track and field team is impressive to say the least. While she did place 9th in the discus at the UIL State Track Meet as a freshman, it was during her sophomore year that she started making a name for herself.

That was when she qualified to Texas Relays in both

shot put and discus and placed 4th in discus. In addition, she won the shot put and was runner up in discus at the Meet of Champions. She then earned a runner-up finish in shot put and a district championship in discus at the district meet. She went on to take first place in both the shot put and the discus and broke the area record in both events at the area meet and she placed 5th in the shot put and was the regional champion in the discus at the regional meet. She then finished up her sophomore season by earning a silver medal in the discus at the state meet.

What was it that allowed her to have so much success her sophomore year? Hard work and a desire to improve on her 9th place finish at the state meet her freshman year.

“The summer going into my sophomore year I worked very hard,” Monie said. “I was lifting and throwing all summer long and the training really paid off. I really did not like how I ended up at the state track meet my freshman year. So that sparked a fire in me to do better my sophomore year and I did better by the grace of God.”

Having had such a great sophomore year, Monie was prepared to do even better as a junior. Her goal going into that track season was taking the gold medal in both the discus and the shot put at the state meet. And while she may very well have accomplished that seemingly impossible feat had she had the chance, she never got the opportunity to even try.

“My goal my junior year was to win shot put and discus gold at the state meet but COVID cut my season short,” Monie said. “We were all confused once COVID hit but that didn’t affect my training. I knew that everything happens for a reason, so when COVID hit it allowed me to rest a little bit and get back into training in preparation for my senior year.”

While not being able to complete her junior season was disappointing for Monie, there was a silver lining to the fact that she still has her senior season to look forward to, hopefully.

“I was planning on doing well last year, but I’m just thankful that it was not my senior year,” Monie said. “And I still have the same goals for myself – even higher goals for myself. My expectations for my senior year are through the roof. God willing I’ll go to state and perform the way I’d like to.”

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