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Nacianceno returning to Palmview city council

A former city of Palmview council member will be filling in for a vacant seat on the council following unofficial results of Tuesday’s runoff election.

Arlando “Lando” Nacianceno, custodial director for the La Joya school district, received more than 56% of the votes in the election to determine who will fill in for outgoing Palmview council member Anthony Uresti.

Arlando “Lando” Nacianceno. Courtesy photo

“It was a tough race but I was fortunate to get this victory after more than five months of campaigning, “Nacianceno said. “I’m excited and ready to go to work back on the seat.”

Nacianceno was among three candidates who filed for the Place 4 seat last August alongside other former or current employees with the La Joya school district. They included counselor Velia “Vel” Gonzalez and retired teacher Aurora Mercado “Bodie” Garza. 

When none of the candidates were able to receive the majority 51% of the votes needed to secure a victory during the November 2020 General Election, the runoff was set with Garza dropping out of the race.

“We had a much lower voter turnout in the runoff because we’re not used to having one in the city, we actually had to explain to people what a runoff is and why they needed to vote again,” Nacianceno said.

Nacianceno ran on the “Progress for Palmview” slate that council members Joel Ramirez and Linda Sarabia and Joel Garcia are in. With the exception of Sarabia, everyone on the “Progress for Palmview” slate were victorious last month.

Sarabia lost her seat to Alexandra Flores, a member of the “A New Palmview” slate made up of La Joya ISD staff members that Gonzalez was a part of. 

Despite not securing the 51% majority of votes last month, Gonzalez received the most votes in the general election with 41% of the votes, or 1,637, which is more than the total number of voters who participated in the runoff.

On Tuesday, she received 590 votes, or 43% of the votes.

“Congratulations to my opponent and may God guide him throughout his tenure, no further comment,” Gonzalez said in a text message to the Progress Times.

Nacianceno thanked his voters and supporters and assured them the council members were in their seats because they have the best intentions in mind.

“We’re all there for the right reasons and we’re going to have to look at things, see some of the projects that have started and see where we are at and take it from there,” Nacianceno said. “The funny thing is I’ve always had the luck serving for a two-year term so I’ll need to do this again in two years but you know what? If this is what it takes, I’ll move forward and continue what I did four years ago.”

The votes will be canvassed in a city council meeting set for Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020.

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