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Palmview and Agua SUD Update on Sewer Project Status

Monday, March 8, 2021

Palmview, Texas – As part of its continued efforts to maintain transparency and open communication regarding the Palmview Wastewater Collection System project, City of Palmview officials met this week with Agua Special Utility District (SUD) officials to discuss the status and to get an update on the progress of the sewer project.

Last month, the Palmview City Council revived a joint committee that would meet regularly to keep all parties informed on the developments and progress of the project. The committee aims to continue fostering the positive working relationship between the two entities to ensure the project’s success through completion. Both entities are committed to moving the project along as expeditiously and effectively possible, and are poised to mutually benefit from the progress and development that will spur as the community becomes fully connected to a safe and adequate sewer system.

At a committee meeting held on Thursday, February 25, 2021, attendees included Palmview Mayor Ricardo “Rick” Villarreal, Mayor Pro-Tem Jose Luis Perez, and Council member Alexandra Flores, in addition to Agua SUD Board President Homer Tijerina and Board Directors Maribel Diaz and Esmeralda Solis. The committee reported that the project continues to progress with a total of 356 homes fully online and operational. Another 658 households have been connected to the system and are awaiting to go live in the near future. Currently, Agua SUD employees are continuing to work house-by-house to connect homes south of Expressway 83.

“Implementing this sewer project has been a tremendous undertaking, and we have appreciated everyone’s patience and commitment as we work to modernize our community with the basic infrastructure and services that our residents deserve,” said Mayor Ricardo “Rick” Villarreal. “Through constant communication and understanding our mutual needs, Agua SUD and Palmview are working hand-in-hand to move this project forward and address and resolve any challenges or obstacles that may arise,” he continued.

Agua SUD Board President Homer Tijerina concurred. “Together, we are working to improve the living conditions of the community of Palmview and bring critical sewer infrastructure to residents for the first time,” Tijerina stated. “Agua SUD remains committed to bringing our Palmview residents online as safely and efficiently as possible,” he continued.

One of the major issues that has arisen during the sewer construction and connection process has been the trenching and repaving of roads to lay the sewer pipes and connections. As sewer construction on roads has been completed, the roads are handed back from Agua SUD to the city for paving. Currently, the area in front of E. B. Reyna Elementary School has been released for paving to the City of Palmview by Agua SUD; paving is expected to be completed this week.

City of Palmview and Agua SUD officials remind all residents to be informed and educated on the appropriate use of the sewer system to maintain proper disposal of waste into the sewer system to keep our water clean, protect public health, and avoid expensive plumbing repairs.

Tips for maintaining clean pipes and preventing sewer problems include:
• Get your sewer line inspected by a plumbing contractor every few years to catch potential issues early.
• Do not flush any wipes, even if labeled “flushable.” Food can cling to them and build up more quickly in wastewater pipes, clogging the flow of discharge into the sewer system.
• Never pour oil or grease down the drain. Recycle or pour into a sealable container and dispose of in the garbage. Wipe dishes and cookware with paper towels to remove before washing them.
• Place a strainer in the sink to catch small pieces of food. Food scraps of any kind can clog your home’s wastewater lines.
• Cut tree roots periodically.
Residents are also reminded that maintaining the upper and lower lateral sewer lines that connect to Agua SUD’s main sewer pipe remain the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners may be held liable if their pipes cause damage to the public sewer main, such as if clogged lines lead to Agua SUD’s sewer main issues.

As the Palmview Sewer Project continues its progress, the City of Palmview and Agua SUD thank all residents for their continued patience and will continue to keep the public informed.

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  1. Raquel Petersen on May 12, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    We have been without water pressure for about a week here in palmview, tx. And agua suds stated that a pipe busted and they were waiting on parts??? I’m not sure if anyone is aware. But Please don’t forget about our side, north side of expressway 83 off of east Goodwin. We all would like to be connected to the sewer, also. Could you please inform the people of palmview, tx on a time line and whose getting sewer. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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