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DECEASED                                  § HIDALGO COUNTY, TEXAS

Order Admitting Will to Probate and Authorizing Letters Testamentary

February 3, 2021, the Court heard the Application for Probate of Will and Issuance of Letters Testamentary filed by MARIA CRISTINA SHAMAS also known as MARIA CHRISTINA SHAMAS (“Applicant”) in the Estate of SYLVIA NOELIA FLORES, Deceased, (“Decedent”).

The Court heard the evidence and reviewed the Will and the other documents filed herein and finds that the allegations contained in the application are true; that notice and citation have been given in the manner and for the length of time required by law; that Decedent is dead and that four years have not elapsed since the date of Decedent’s death; that this Court has jurisdiction and venue of Decedent’s estate; that Decadent left a will (“Will”) dated August 10, 2009, executed with the formalities and solemnities and under the circumstances required by law to make a valid will; that 0n August 10, 2009 Decedent had attained the age of eighteen years and was of sound mind; that the Will was not revoked by Decedent; that no objection to or contest of the probate of the Will has been filed; that all the necessary proof required for the probate of the Will has been made; that the Will is entitled to probate; that, in the Will, Decedent named MARIA CRISTINA SHAMAS as independent executrix, to serve without bond, who is duly qualified and not disqualified by law to act as such and to receive letters testamentary; that a necessity exists for the administration of this estate; and that no interested person has applied for the appointment of appraisers and none are deemed necessary and appointment of appraisers is waived by the Court.

It is ORDERED that the Will is admitted to probate, and the clerk of this Court is ORDERED to record the Will, together with the application, in the minutes of this Court.

It is ORDERED that no bond or other security is required and that, upon the taking and filing of the oath required by law, letters testamentary shall issue to MARIA CRISTINA SHAMAS, who is appointed as independent executrix of Decedent’s will and estate, and no other action shall be had in this Court other than the return of an inventory, appraisement, and list of claims or an affidavit in lieu thereof and compliance With Chapter 308 of the Texas Estates Code as required by law. It is further ORDERED that the independent executrix shall have the general authority to sell real and personal property without order of this Court or the consent of Decedent’ s distributees.

SIGNED on February 16, 2021


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