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4th Annual Walk By Faith Journey sends prayers to students and staff

La Joya ISD school board member Alejandro Cantu will be hosting the Walk By Faith Journey this coming Saturday for the fourth year in a row as La Joya welcomes back its students full-time.

Cantu began the walk in 2017, when he pondered how to incorporate religious values and time of prayer to support the school district, which involves praying for the school district, the staff, and the children. The first walk, which was 22 miles long, started at Inspiration Rd. and ended at the La Joya ISD central office.

This year’s walk is significant due to the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cantu said that the board has been getting calls from concerned parents and staff.

“Lately, we’ve been getting so bombarded with calls: parents being afraid to send their kids, especially their kids twelve and under, that aren’t vaccinated,” said Cantu. “We understand their concern, and it’s going to be challenging, but that’s the decision that’s going to have to be made.”

The walk will be starting at St. Jude Thaddaeus Roman Catholic Church in Pharr, TX, and end at Escandon Elementary in Mission, TX. The distance will be an estimated 50-60 mi.

“In our community, there’s a lot of good people,” said Cantu. “[We ask that] the community join us in prayer as we walk from 12:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. …just to be conscious and allow their hearts to open up, and pray for the entire community, the entire world, and most importantly, our youth.”

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