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Mission CISD prepares to welcome students back during pandemic

Mission CISD is taking steps to welcome its faculty, staff, and students for the upcoming school year to in-person learning at 100% capacity.

Superintendent Dr. Carol G. Perez for the Mission Consolidated Independent School District said that protocols the district adopted at the start of COVID will still be in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Every single facility will be disinfected on a daily basis,” assured Perez, who said that during the day, custodians are to be constantly monitoring and cleaning highly used areas.

“We are strongly recommending that everyone that enters our buildings wear a mask,” said Perez.

The installation of hand sanitizing stations is present at each entrance and every classroom, and desk shields are in the science labs for the district to take the recommended precautions.

Physical distancing will be practiced in the cafeteria, with an option of outdoor seating as well. The outdoor seating option is not a product of COVID, as years prior, MCISD began plotting a new initiative that involved food trucks being present at each junior high school and high school. This initiative came into work to encourage students to get fresh air.

New technology in regards to non-touch water fountains is going to be in place.

Bus capacity will not change. But between routes, busses will be disinfected, have the windows open at 4-5 inches, and AC running for air circulation. Busses will also have masks readily available for kids who would like to use them if they don’t have one.

“We go above and beyond,” said Perez.

Online instruction will no longer be an option due to current legislation, says Perez. But for those with immunocompromised conditions, accommodations can be made with the special education department.

“We do have services for them to receive homebound instruction or another type of support,” said Perez.

Students will receive a starter pack of basic school supplies. Each child, Pre-K to 12th grade, will be supplied with them.

The superintendent also prioritized the importance of the student’s emotional and mental needs when adapting to school in person as the pandemic continues.

“We must take care of the children’s basic needs first,” said Perez, who mentioned that the district is making sure to take care of their social-emotional needs to improve academically.

“We know there’s been a lot of loss,” Perez said. “Children know we care for them. If we can capture their heart, then we can capture their mind and their attention,” said Perez, mentioning that making sure that the children are given dignity and respect after such a difficult time.

MCISD continues to work toward change for the better through service, delivery, and excellence. Perez then thanked the Board of Trustees, legislators, and federal representatives for the funding and support to provide needed care for students and staff this coming fall semester.

“All of that [support] would not be possible if we didn’t have people that are out there making a difference for our children,” said Perez.


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