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Fatal car accident leaves two dead as drunk driver recovers

Two young adults lost their lives during a crash on Friday morning off of Main Avenue (5 Mile Line) and Stewart Rd. The Alton Police Department has yet to finalize the accident report but has confirmed the cause.

Newcoming officer Vanessa Perez witnessed the accident that occurred at 1:47 a.m.

Reinforcement came to the scene where a preliminary investigation took place.

“Unfortunately, two individuals perished from the accident,” said Alton Police Chief Jonathan Flores.

Driver Christopher Moses Garcia, 21, and passenger Karen Espino, 21, were stationary in their gray Jeep Compass at the intersection before being hit from behind by a 42-year-old male driving a white Ford F150.

When officers approached the scene, Garcia and Espino were unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver was the only responsive individual on-site before being offered medical aid and transported to the hospital.

Flores said the early morning fog was considered an initial contributing factor to the cause of the accident but was eventually ruled out.

“The fog, according to the National Weather Service, did not come in until, I believe, after 2:30,” said Flores. “But we can confirm that alcohol was a factor.”

The Alton PD concluded that the 42-year-old struck Garcia’s vehicle traveling at a high speed while under the influence.

“There will be pending charges on the driver,” said Flores.

The 42-year-old driver continues to recover in the hospital until his release, where he awaits arraignment.


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