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La Joya ISD teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student

Officers arrested a physical education teacher at Enrique Camarena Elementary School last week after a student accused him of sexual assault.

The La Joya Independent School District Police Department arrested Ricardo Garza, 38, of Mission on March 24.

Ricardo Garza, 38, of Mission is charged with indecency with a child-sexual contact, a second-degree felony. (Photo courtesy of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.)

A 7-year-old student accused Garza of sexually assaulting her in January, when her physical education class gathered in the gym to watch a movie, according to the criminal complaint against him. After the student accused Garza of sexual assault, she met with a forensic interviewer at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Mission.

Garza is charged with indecency with a child-sexual contact, a second-degree felony. Justice of the Peace J.J. Peña set bond at $75,000.

After his arrest, La Joya ISD placed Garza on administrative leave with pay.

“We are aware of the incident that has occurred at Camarena Elementary by one of our Physical Education Teachers. Employee was charged and arrested,” according to a statement released by La Joya ISD. “Proper notifications to affected parties and agencies have been made. This is an ongoing investigation and we will not be able to provide further details.”

Attorney Al Alvarez of McAllen, who represents Garza, declined to comment.

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  1. James Green on April 3, 2022 at 9:17 am

    Light sentences only creat more Obsessive Behavior !! We see it in Law inforcement and in Everyday life Light Sentences on beget more of the Same Crimes, if this Preson Willfuly did this and it can be proven ,Jury , Judge , Do Your Job ,This Must not Happen in our Schools or anywhere ! Our own Government took the Bible out of all Schools and Now this Punishment for not allowing the Precious Word of God ,to stay in School , Prior to this statement I was trying to leave a Comment about the sheriff Deputy Staging a Fraudlent Drug bust and then taking the Drugs away from.the Drug lords and I was going to Comment there also but They blocked Me and
    would not Let me leave a Comment or even accept My name ,see what I’m talking about covering up already for the Crocked Law enforcement officer’s ,that commit Crime’s Seem’s like it it was only a few Years ago that our beloved Sheriff of a near by County and some of his Kids were Caught doing Similar things and or running drugs through the Valley to sell or Distribute these Drugs , This particular officer has had one job after another ,The news did not say exactly why This Person in Law enforcement changed Jobs so Much,I ‘m wandering how He got his Liscence to become an Officer if He never Completed His college to recieve the Degree , These things that this Teacher did and that OFFicer that You read about all made the decision to Do Something Wrong if it’s true ,if it’s True it’ll wasen’t a mistake it was a Calculated Risk to do these things just as This Officer of the Law chose to Do,And if hey are Convicted of these Crimes a slap on the Hand shold not be Given !! if the one that Want’s to give a light Sentence Should be Ivestigated and ask why You are giving this Slap on the Hand !! ,These Crimes have got to stop Give THe the Punisent that is Called for even though they have Pled guilty Of Crime there should no Foriving of a Sentence in either case 😉 😀 👍 to give them a lesser Sentence they willfully did would only cause others to do the same thing !!

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