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Mission CISD incumbents sweep election

Veronica "Betty" Mendoza, Petra Ramirez, Minnie Rodgers

Veronica “Betty” Mendoza, Petra Ramirez, Minnie Rodgers

Veronica “Betty” Mendoza, Hermina “Minnie” Rodgers and Petra Ramirez will retain their positions on the Mission CISD board of trustees. The three women earned more than 50 percent of the votes in each of their races. 

Mendoza, who earned 3,109 votes, went up against Amanda Salinas O’Caña, who earned 1,850, according to the unofficial results on the Hidalgo County website. Following Election Day, Mendoza said she did not think she would receive such a large amount of votes, but the life skills coach remained confident from the get-go. 

This electoral win marks the start of Mendoza’s second full term as an MCISD trustee. Previously, she served a partial term after the board appointed her to replace Dr. Sonia Treviño on the board.  

Mendoza said her priority is making sure everyone in the community has their voice heard before the trustees follow through with a decision. 

“I want parents and teachers to know that their interests are important to me and the board,” the place 1 trustee said. “I want to continue to share my life experience and make sure that every student in our district knows that we believe in them.” 

In place 7, Minnie Rodgers triumphed over Juan Carlos “J.C.” Avila with 2,781 votes versus 2,053 votes. This win marks the beginning of the third term for the retired Mission CISD educator. 

Rodgers said the victory feels unreal, but she is glad the board remains unchanged. 

“I’m excited that we’re able to come back,” she said. “Let’s finish this stadium, and let’s continue doing the good work that we’ve been doing.”  

In place 6, Petra Ramirez defeated her opponent Dolores “Loli” Reyna with just over 100 votes. According to the county website, Ramirez earned 2,431 votes (51 percent) and Reyna earned 2,315 (48 percent). 

Ramirez has prided herself on being a straight shooter and doing what she feels is best for Mission CISD even if it goes against the majority. She is also a retired educator that has served eight years as an MCISD trustee. This win marks the beginning of her third term. 

“I’m there because I chose to be there. People gave me their vote of confidence, and that’s why I’m there. I am their public servant; I’m not there for me,” Ramirez said. “I’m there to do a job and to do a job to the best of my ability.”

Before Election Day, Ramirez said her priority is getting the district back on track following the issues that arose after the COVID-19 pandemic. She wants to make sure students have the care they need for their mental health, curriculum and extracurricular activities. 

All results remain unofficial until the canvassing. Currently, the canvassing of the results is tentatively May 17 at a special board of trustees meeting. Following the canvassing, the winners will be sworn into office.

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