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New engineer approved for El Valle drainage project

This article originally ran in the Aug. 6, 2021 issue of Progress Times.

Mission City Council rescinded its previous recommendation and approval to award B2Z Engineering with Project Gabriel — the drainage project located in the El Valle Subdivision. At a special meeting on Tuesday, the council approved Mission-based M2 Engineering as the new firm to take on the project. 

Of the 72 areas with drainage issues in Mission, Project Gabriel poses the most problems, according to City Engineer JP Terrazas. In late May, members from the El Valle Subdivision met with Mayor Armando O’Caña and other city officials to explain the severity of the flooding issues in their neighborhood. Residents reported waist-deep waters. City officials said they had to bring in pumps to accelerate the draining process, which overflow had stalled.

Terrazas said El Valle experiences the worst flooding because the area is adjacent to the Mission Lateral drainage ditch, which is the lowest part of town. However, the intent is for Project Gabriel to remedy any flooding in that area. 

Following a drainage assessment conducted in 2020, the City identified seven drainage projects that were deemed high priority due to the amount of time it takes water to drain following heavy rainfall. TEDSI Infrastructure Group conducted the assessment and determined the estimated cost of each project. The seven high-priority projects and their estimated costs are as follows: 

  • Project Stewart A – $2.32 million
  • Project Gabriel – $2 million
  • Project Glasscock – $2.43 million
  • Project Esperanza – $5.74 million
  • Project Leandro – $1.66 million
  • Project Elm – $1.33 million
  • Project Tulip – $1.68 million

The firms approved for the other projects are Javier Hinojosa Engineering (Stewart A), South Texas Infrastructure Group (Elm), Izaguirre Engineering (Glasscock), H.C.E. (Tulip), TEDSI Infrastructure Group (Esperanza) and Rick Hinojosa Engineering (Leandro).

Additionally, Mission City Council approved the authorization to engage B2Z Engineering for professional services for design, construction management, inspection and material testing for the seven high-priority drainage projects.

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