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Breaking ground on phase 1 of Mission’s drainage projects

Three of Mission’s seven high-priority drainage projects begin at the end of the month, with the other four not too far behind. And although there is high anticipation for these projects, it means there will be several areas of construction through Mission for at least the next 10 months. 

Projects Esperanza, Gabriel and Stewart are all set to begin Oct. 24, following the completion of the corresponding detention ponds, which should wrap up by Oct. 21. 

The Esperanza project is near Inspiration Road and runs from the northwest quadrant from the Mission Lateral drainage ditch to Mile 3. The City of Mission partnered with La Joya ISD, who donated property, to construct the coordinating detention pond north of FM 495 and 2 Mile Line. 

Mission will be upgrading the drainage lines to drain into the detention pond. The cost of the pond project is $290,532.90, and the drainage project is $5,411,430. Per the contract, the estimated completion date is Aug. 7, 2023, or 260 calendar days. 

Project Gabriel will be shorter, with an estimated completion date of April 24, 2023. The contract states it will take 240 days to complete the project. However, the contractor estimates they will finish in about 180 days. The total cost is $2,084,252, and Texas Quarry Construction will work on both Gabriel and Esperanza. 

The Gabriel project is east of Inspiration Road, north of FM 495 and adjacent to Mission Lateral. Gabriel is also the area with the worst flooding, according to Assistant City Manager JP Terrazas. The El Valle Subdivision, which sits in this area, experiences the most flooding because it is at the lowest elevation in the city. But the intention is for the Project Gabriel drainage improvements to fix the issue. 

Project Stewart is still pending a Traffic Control Plan from the contractor, but the start date is still Oct. 24. Per the contract, the project costs $3,323,780.34, and RG Enterprises LLC has 210 calendar days to complete the work. The project runs just north of Business 83 and south of FM 495. The nearby detention pond is 4.5 acres of land the City purchased and worked on in-house at no extra cost. 

During the construction process, there will be lane closures. But at the Oct. 10 Mission City Council Meeting, City Manager Randy Perez said roadways will remain open with at least one open lane for thru traffic. He and city staff have met with Sharyland ISD and Mission CISD leaders to coordinate bus and traffic routes to minimize disruption. 


The remaining drainage projects are Glasscock, Leandro, Elm and Tulip. The City deemed these four (in addition to Esperanza, Gabriel and Stewart) as high priority based on a 2020 assessment. City engineers regard them as high-priority areas because of how long it takes water to drain after rainfall. 

Project Glasscock is pending notice to proceed with an unspecified start date later this month. Per the contract, construction will last 240 days and cost $3,712,512.56. 

Project Tulip is connected to Project Glasscock and is also pending a notice to proceed with no start date. Per the contract, construction will last 180 days and cost $1,818,646.32. 

The city manager did not provide an update on projects Leandro and Elm at the Oct. 10 city council meeting, but he will continue providing monthly updates at future meetings.

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