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El Salinas Ranch ranks third on Queen’s List for The Brahman Journal

“This article appeared in the Oct 7 issue of the Progress Times.”

The Brahman Journal named Sullivan City’s El Salinas Ranch the 3rd breeder of over 100+ gray females on the American Brahman Breeders Association’s Queen’s List last week. Former Mission Mayor Norberto ‘Beto’ Salinas attributes the ranch’s success to his breeding methods.

NBS Miss Veronoble 423/9 was the Salinas gray female that placed the ranch 3 out of 137,800+ cattle ranked.

The Queen’s EPD List, an indexing tool launched in 2019 that allows breeders to analyze multiple traits for a specific breeding objective through a single value, was used to determine this year’s winners.

According to The Brahman Journal’s website, the maternal index is “a composite score that utilizes multiple EPDs to create an index that ranks animals on their likelihood to be and/or produce good replacement female(s).”

Docility and calving ease, which indicate early puberty and manageability, are highly valued traits. Frame score, milk, and back fat are not part of the index.

“It is an EPD (Expected Progeny Differences) index,” states The Brahman Journal’s Publisher, Victoria Lambert. “It’s a predictor of transmitting an ability or a specific trait from parent to calf. EPDs are utilized worldwide on cattle.”

The list ranking was published by The Brahman Journal after acquiring data from the American Breeders Association.

Lambert said that Salinas followed two of the top leaders in the Brahman breed: V8 Ranch in first and JD Hudgins Inc. in second.

“I’m sure he was very proud to be ranked number 3 in such an important list of breeders,” said Lambert.

Salinas began breeding and registering Brahman cattle in 1972, claiming it was something he learned from being raised ‘en el rancho’, on the ranch.

El Salinas Ranch acquired its best cattle from Houston, according to an interview conducted in 2016. They have continued to produce fine calves after breeding their cattle with the best bulls.

The El Salinas Ranch owner purchases bulls from notable breeders such as V8 Ranch, with one being a bull named Elmo. He makes sure to purchase bulls that come from a line of champions, such as Maddox.

The ranch’s new 3rd place title does not only praise the livestock Salinas raises but his raising and breeding methods.

“We try to have a good relationship with the cows,” Salinas said.
What sets Salinas apart from most breeders is that he refuses to use artificial insemination and has bulls and cattle breed naturally.

“We use the bull, instead of what most people are doing,” said Salinas, explaining natural breeding is the purest form of breeding. “I don’t buy embryos. I don’t do anything like that.”

Even after being gifted frozen embryos, they have gone untouched by Salinas.

Brahmans bulls and cattle are used to interbreed to create stronger offspring. They can be crossbred to achieve a certain increase in or combination of traits. The hybrid breeds Salinas works with are the Braford and the Brangus.

The Brahman’s Salinas breeds are solely for breeding and not for meat. According to Salinas, bulls and cattle can go through 20 years of breeding.

El Salinas Ranch even acquired a brother of the Brahman Breed source, a bull named Manso. “I ended up with the brother of that bull,” Salinas said.

El Salinas Ranch has sold Brahman and Brahman hybrid offspring worldwide, from local buyers to South America, and to Australia.

Though, he does not sell as many bulls as he does heifers.

Since he established his ranch, Salinas has kept conditions, bull and cattle care, and breeding unchanged for 50 years. As of now, he continues to produce and sell cattle and bulls that have strong, desirable traits worth showing in competitions.

“They’re very beautiful bulls,” Salinas said.


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