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Palmview selects contractor for Main Street project

The Palmview Municipal Development District picked a contractor for the Main Street project on Monday.

Members of the Municipal Development District board selected Earthworks Enterprise during a meeting on Monday afternoon. The company will be tasked with transforming the old Greg’s Ballroom property into a seven-lot commercial subdivision.

“This basically gets it ready so we can start selling the pieces,” said City Manager Michael Leo. “And have people come in and, hopefully, establish their business here in Palmview.”


A site plan for the Main Street development in Palmview. (Image courtesy of the city of Palmview.)


Peñitas-based Earthworks Enterprise submitted the low bid — $810,615.50 — for the Main Street project.

Two other contractors also submitted bids.

The 5125 Company, which is based in Edinburg, bid $925,125, according to a bid sheet released by the city. Rio United Builders, which is based in Alton, bid $982,494.10.

Members of the Municipal Development District board reviewed information submitted by the contractors and ranked the bids. Along with price, they ranked the contractors on reputation, financial strength, personnel and past experience with Palmview, among other factors.

Earthworks Enterprise received the highest ranking.

Palmview will pay the company to prepare the old Greg’s Ballroom property for development by installing utilities, adding drainage infrastructure and building a street between the Interstate 2 frontage road and Veterans Boulevard.

The Municipal Development District purchased the property from Villarreal-Nelson Development in October 2018 and demolished the ballroom, which had fallen into disrepair.

“It gets it ready and more attractive for a business that wants to set up shop — to not have to incur those costs,” Leo said. “That’s ready to go.”

A site plan released by the city shows a seven-lot subdivision with a street running north-south through the property. It would include two large lots on the frontage road and five smaller lots.

Palmview is already marketing the property to business prospects.

“Instead of being raw land, this is now developed,” Leo said. “It’s subdivided. It’s got the street. It’s got the lots. It’s got the utilities — the water lines, the sewer lines, the drainage on site.”

Located between the frontage road and Veterans Boulevard, it’s a prime location for a retailer or restaurant.

Veterans Boulevard is slated for a major upgrade in 2024. Palmview is partnering with Hidalgo County on the project.

The two-lane road will be expanded to four lanes with a center turn lane and sidewalks on both sides. Main Street will link the new, expanded Veterans Boulevard with the frontage road.

Leo said an urgent care clinic had already decided to open in the Main Street development, and the city is talking with other prospects.

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