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ORDINANCE #5377 – Rezoning: Lot 21, Block 3, Oakwood Estates Subdivision, (R-I) Single Family Residential to (C-3) General Business

ORDINANCE #5378 – Conditional Use Permit: Build a Pool House on Property Zoned R-1, 2800 Summer Breeze

ORDINANCE #5379 – Conditional Use Permit Renewal: Sale & On-Site Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages- La Cruda 1702 E. Griffin Parkway, Ste. A

ORDINANCE #5380 – Conditional Use Permit Renewal: To Keep a Mobile Food Truck – Fiesta Hotdogs 208 N. Inspiration Road, Lot 1

ORDINANCE #5381 -Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Mission, Texas Amending Chapter 90, Solid Waste, Article II, Collection Regulations, Section 90-56 Fees and Charges of the City of Mission Code of Ordinances providing for new residential, multi-family, governmental, industrial and commercial garbage rates 

Description                                                   Current Rate                          New Rate 

1 Residential Container                                    $15.39                                              $17.39 

Residential Extra Container                               $16.40                                           $15.39 

1 Commercial 96gal Container                          $19.27                                              $21.27 

Commercial Extra 96gal Container                     $18.84                                         $17.46 

Apartments, Townhomes, 4-plex                          $15.39 per unit                          $17.39 

Government Facilities/Institutions                          $15.39 per unit                          $17.39 

Industrial Facilities 96gal Container                          $19.27                                         $21.27 

Brush/Debris Monthly Service                               $4.00                                              $4.00 

Brush for nurseries                                                        $8.00                                         $8.00

Approved this the 25th day of September, 2023

Norie Gonzalez Garza, Mayor

Attest: Anna Carrillo, City Secretary


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