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Lady Lobos Bite the Lady Huskies

Palmview making history

Palmview Lobos (5-0) vs. Juarez-Lincoln Huskies (0-5)

This week we got the chance to watch a game between two Big 7 Sports teams. One team is fighting for the first place spot in their district while the other is still looking for their first win. We watched the Juarez-Lincoln Lady Huskies (0-5) as they traveled to face off against the Palmview Lady Lobos (5-0).

Juarez Lincoln Huskies’ Aileen Villasenor sets the ball during last Tuesday’s game against Palmview Lobos. Progress Times photo by Joe Vela.

The game started with Palmview taking an early lead, something that didn’t come easy. The Lady Huskies were giving everything they could on the court as the rallies began to grow long. This was all thanks to Huskies’ Regina Rios and Katelyn Garza, who shined for the Huskies Tuesday night. The Lady Lobos were still making noise on the court and it was hard to keep them quiet. Success came in bunches for Palmview as Lobos’ Erika Tijerina and Miley Zieske played a dominant game both offensively and defensively. Any errors made by the Lady Lobos would be quickly cleaned up by one of those two on the court.

Palmview Lobos’ Kylie Cantu for the kill during last Tuesday’s win against Juarez Lincoln Huskies. Progress Times photo by Joe Vela.

Dominance and discipline on the court like that is why the Lobos were able to take this game against their district rivals. Though the Lady Lobos came out on top, the Lady Huskies didn’t play like they were losing. They continued to make winning plays and never gave up, so with a little bit of execution, there’s no doubt that they can get to where they want to be. As for the Lobos, they continue to show us why they are one of the best teams in the Rio Grande Valley and if they stay true to their goals, they will make history.

Lobos’ Miley Zieske finished the game with a team high 12 kills and 2 digs while Erika Tijerina finished with 7 kills and 1 block. Their teammates Evoria Garcia with 20 assists and Jessica Arevalo with 19 digs.

I got the chance to speak to both head coaches and their players after the game. After the loss, Huskies’ Regina Rios told me, “We’re trying to grow as a team, because we’re right there we just need a little more to get us there. I know we can do it, we just have to work.” Huskies’ Katelyn Garza followed this up by saying, “There’s a couple of things we need to work on.” This game was tough, but I’m sure Coach Garza and the Huskies will have something to take out of this loss.

I went on to speak to Lady Lobos’ head coach Margo Iglesias-Cantu after the win. I asked her to tell me about the success she’s had with her team, “I knew we had a special team, I knew we would do great, but I want to take one game at a time and that’s exactly what I’ve told them…I’ve told them not to get complacent.” There’s a reason why Coach Iglesias-Cantu tells her squad that: She has found a lot of success following that formula.
With a win Tuesday night, the Lady Lobos advance to (6-0) in district as they command the top position while the Lady Huskies fall to (0-6). With one more game to go in the first round of district play and the second round coming sooner than later, let’s see where both of these teams are stacking up compared to the other teams in their district.

District 30-5A includes three Big 7 Sports teams, the Veterans Memorial Lady Patriots, the Lady Huskies, and the Lady Lobos. The Huskies are in last place in the district. Wins have been hard to come by for the Lady Huskies. They came into the first round with a (1-6) record in non-district and tournament play. The Huskies’ gymnasium was out of commission to start the season but it has finally opened up.

This is massive for the Lady Huskies, who are finally going to experience a home court advantage in the second round of play. I asked Coach Garza to tell me about everything that happened in the first round and her expectations for the next round, “I’ve been missing players every game so it’s been a challenge to get these girls all together. We’ve got a lot of ground to make up, I’m hoping to see a lot of growth and improvement in the second round.”

The Mission Veterans Lady Patriots (4-2) are tied for third in the district. The Lady Patriots came into the first round with a 13-9 record from non-district and tournament play. This first round has been a bit of a learning curve for the Lady Patriots though. I spoke to head coach Diana Lerma about this first round and what the second round has in store for them, “The good thing about volleyball is that there’s a second round.” The start of this season has been going a little off script for Lerma and the Patriots. “I think we’re going to be tougher in the second round mentally, I tell them that they need to want it…We’re preparing them to win.” The Lady Patriots have a track record of success and with a little bit of confidence, they should be able to make some noise in the second round.

Palmview Lobos’ Arianna Alaniz passes the ball to teammate Alexia Arevalo during last Tuesday’s win against Juarez Lincoln Huskies. Progress Times photo by Joe Vela.

Palmview Lobos’ Jeslynn Flores spikes the ball during last Tuesday’s win against Juarez Lincoln Huskies. Progress Times photo by Joe Vela.

The Palmview Lobos are sitting in first place. The Lady Lobos came into the first round with a (13-13) record in non-district and tournament play. Going undefeated in the first round of district play is more impressive when you mention that the Lady Lobos won their first round matchup against the Lady Patriots. The Lady Patriots have had control of this district for what seems like forever now. This is the first time that another team has been on top of the Patriots in this district in a very long time. More importantly, this is the first time the Lobos have ever bested the Patriots in school history.

I spoke to Lobos’ Erika Tijerina about what that win did for her team as they go into the second round, “It means a lot that we finally won and made history. Now we know what to do in games like that and the pressure involved.”

I asked her teammate Miley Zieske about what they have planned for in the second round, “This is my freshman year and we made history in this school, we’re trying to do something great for this school.” Coach Iglesias-Cantu told me about their expectations moving forward in this district, “In the second round we need to go harder. We want to go past the first round and past the second round and do something that Palmview High School has never done before.” She went on to say, “Anyone in this district can come back, anybody can win on any given day. We cannot mess around with anybody in this district.”

Juarez Lincoln Huskies’ April Marroquin and Palmview Lobos’ Erika Tijerina battle it out during last Tuesday’s game against. Progress Times photo by Joe Vela.

District 30-5A is full of talented teams so the journey for first is going to be tough. Last season, the district had the Lady Patriots finishing in first followed by the Toros of Cigarroa, the Gladiators of Roma, and Mustangs of Nixon. The Huskies have yet to find success in their matchups against these teams. Though the Patriots lost to the Gladiators, they have won their matchups against the Mustangs and the Toros. The Lobos have won their matchups against the Gladiators and the Mustangs. They face the Toros in their next scheduled game.

The Lady Lobos have gone from missing the playoffs to leading their district in the first round of district play. A turn of events for a Big 7 Sports team is what we love to see. The best of luck to the Lady Huskies, the Lady Patriots, and the Lady Lobos as they close out the first round of district play and head into the second round! We hope to see you all in the playoffs.

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