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Palmview PD gets MOS Red Dot handguns

This article appeared in the September 29, 2023 issue of Progress Times.

The Palmview Police Department took routine trials of new handguns at the La Joya Water Supply Plant shooting range Monday. The gun, containing a Modular Optical System (MOS) Red Dot system, is the first of its kind within Rio Grande Valley law enforcement.

 “People are familiar with a Red Dot System on a rifle, hunting scope. Now we have them on our handguns,” said Palview Chief of Police Jose Treviño. 

The MOS Red Dot System uses optical sights to improve short and long ranges. The added precision aids in officers’ shooting talents. One of the attributes of this upgrade is decreasing detriment.

“In case of a real critical incident, the officer’s precision and accuracy is elevated to the point where we can reduce the liability of some innocent person getting hurt,” Treviño said.

With ear plugs and protective gear, officers practiced their shots at the shooting range on La Joya’s Water Plant.

Lieutenant Zamaron demonstrates the use of the Palmview Police Department’s handguns on September 26, 2023. Photo by Maria Ruiz/Progress Times.

The Palmview PD is the only law enforcement agency in the Valley to acquire this type of precision-based weaponry. 

 “We are one of the first agencies in the Valley,” said Treviño. Thirty new handguns were purchased for each officer, totaling no more than $20K. To acquire funds for the handguns, the Department used a buyback system for their old equipment.

Although rare in the Rio Grande Valley, the MOS Red Dot System is in northern cities such as Austin, Houston, and Dallas. 

“North of the Valley it’s a very common use, ” said Treviño.

The idea of bringing a new weaponry system to Palmview began when  Lieutenant Carlos Zamaron and the PD attended the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instruction (IALEFI) on April 30, 2023.  

“Through the conference, that’s where our agency learned of the importance of the Red Dot System,” said Zamaron. “It’s been brought down. Why? Because of the officer’s ease of use and…being on target.”

According to Chief Treviño, all officers will be ready starting Monday.

“By Monday, everyone will have transitioned,” he said. “We try to provide our officers with the best equipment and the best training so we can provide the service to our community.”

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