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Sharyland STAAR scores trump region and state

Students at Sharyland ISD averaged higher test scores than students in the region and all of Texas for the 2023 state assessment.

In August, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released the results for the 2023 State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) — exams students took at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. At the September board of trustees meeting, SISD administration reported that Sharyland students outscored the rest of the state in nearly all testing categories, performance levels and grade levels. Additionally, the averages continue to improve from lower scores in the years immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students in grades 3-12 must take four state assessments — reading and language arts, math, science, and social studies. For the End of Course (EOC) exams in high school, the tests are English I and II, Algebra 1, Biology and U.S. History. Students take either the traditional STAAR, STAAR Spanish or STAAR Alt 2.

For each test, the state grades student performance based on their level of subject knowledge. The different levels are known as Approaches, Meets and Masters. Approaches means a student has met the minimum level for passing; Meets means a student has met grade level expectations; and Masters means a student has mastered grade level expectations. Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Martinez said the district prefers students perform at the Meets level.

Martinez also explained that the ideal percentages for the different performance levels are 90% for Approaches, 60% for Meets and 30% for Masters. If a district meets these percentages, TEA gives it an “A” rating in the state accountability system.

Sharyland students were most successful in the RLA and English exams. While about 63% of elementary students at SISD met the grade level expectation, only 49% of elementary students in the state met grade level expectations. In junior high, about 63% of Sharyland students reached grade level expectations, while about 54% reached the same level statewide. For the EOC English I and II exams, 71% of Sharyland high school students met grade level expectations, while 55% of high school students in the state met expectations.

For the math STAAR and EOC, SISD students once again scored above the region and state at every grade level. However, the results show students continue to struggle in comparison to pre-pandemic scores — a problem not unique to Sharyland ISD. The 2023 state average math scores are seven percentage points behind the 2019 state average.

Optional graphic from Sharyland ISD: State data comparing the 2023 reading language arts STAAR test performances among fifth and sixth graders.

Still, the SISD executive director for curriculum and instruction said the students have progressed. Additionally, she said the high school EOC scores are back on track from pre-COVID.

“We are doing well in our math. Not quite as well as we are in some of our RLA areas, but we are definitely growing. We are rebounding from COVID,” Martinez explained. “Math was the subject that was hit the most and so we are showing great gains across all grade levels.”

The only area where Sharyland did not completely outscore the region and the state was fifth-grade science at the Masters level. SISD fifth graders performed equal to the rest of the region and state at 15%. But Martinez said administration has a close eye on the area this year.

“We definitely go above the region and the state in terms of our results for Approaches, Meets and Masters. So that is a lot to celebrate,” she said. “We have fantastic teachers and students that did this, and they continue to grow and work hard every day.”


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