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Mission Planning and Zoning Commission


The Mission Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, November 20, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mission Council Chambers, 1201 E. 8th Street, Mission, Texas and by Teleconference in order to consider the following:

Rezoning: Being a 2.0 gross acre tract of land, more or less, carved out of a part of Lots 4 & 5, J.E. Leslie Subdivision, from (C-3) General Business to (R-1T) Townhouse Residential; Approximate Location: 476’ South of U.S. Bus 83 on the West Side of N. Taylor Road, REZ23-35 

Rezoning: A 0.2066 acre tract of land more or less, out of Lot 192, John H. Shary Subdivision, of Porciones 58, 59, & 60, (aka Lot 3, Glasscock Acres U/R), from (R-1) Single Family Residential to (R-2) Duplex-Fourplex Residential; Approximate Location: 120’ North of E. 4th Street along the West side of Glasscock Road, REZ23-36

If a zoning is amended during the public hearing, it shall be pursuant to the City of Mission’s Amendatory Zone Policy Statement. Anyone interested is invited to attend. Anna Carrillo, City Secretary

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