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Youth football team win state championship

Young Cats Academy, or YCA for short, is a non-profit youth football organization based out of Edinburg, Texas. YCA trains and produces some of the best young football talent in the Rio Grande Valley and now they can say that their talent has reached the pinnacle in the state of Texas. YCA has four teams that are divided up by age groups: 6u, 8u, 10u, and 12u. All four of these teams went into the playoffs with an undefeated record on the season.

Photo courtesy Joshua Anthony Ayala

I spoke to president and head coach for the YCA, Joshua Anthony Ayala, about the success they found this season. “The 6u team is the foundation of YCA. They might be our most talented team, we’re looking forward to this group sticking together for the next level.” The 6u team made it all the way to the TexaSports State Championship in Frisco, Texas and competed for the championship this last Sunday.

The 6u team was accompanied by the 8u team. As mentioned before, they went undefeated in the regular season. This 8u youth football team did not allow for any team to score on them up until the state championship. Ayala spoke to me about that game, “We were down throughout the game for a long time. I think the boys took it well when they got scored on. They scored on us again, that put us in an unfamiliar position.”

Being scored upon felt foreign to this team. Ayala went on to say, “With hardly any time left, we got the ball and scored with 6 seconds left.” That score would put the team up in the game and secure the state championship. Ayala followed that up by saying, “They were comfortable in their environment. It was like another game. That shows the character in them, they never gave up and they all believed in each other.”

The 10u and 12u teams went undefeated in the playoffs while the 6u team was defeated in the state championship game.

Photo courtesy Joshua Anthony Ayala

The expectations are huge for next year. YCA expects the 6u, 8u, 10u, and 12u teams to stick together and make it to the state championship for years to come. Ayala said, “Shout out to the YCA organization, we want to keep a winning culture and we hope to keep a state championship a habit. The reason we do this stuff is because we can compete. It just depends on who is going to stick together and who is going to want it enough. We do this for the kids. It’s something I wish I had growing up. I’m expecting big things out of them, a championship next year, the skies the limit for our teams.”

This year’s YCA teams have defied all odds and over achieved the expectations that were set out for them. These kids that get to participate in this program get to take something along with them that they can keep forever as they continue their journey through life. The game of football teaches a lot about life and there are many lessons to learn from along the way. We want the best out of our youth and we get the very best out of them with people like Ayala in our surrounding community helping them.

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