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Mission Fire Department respond to landfill’s second brush fire

Photo by Maria Ruiz/Progress Times.

At approximately 9 a.m., the Mission Fire Department responded to a brush fire at the Brush Drop-Off landfill at 1400 S. Conway, next to the Mission Hike & Bike Trail and Mission Animal Shelter. Smoke remained visible from Conway, clouding beside US 83.

The Mission Fire Department saw a similar sight on September 17, when the fire burned five acres from the landfill. It is the second time a brush fire has ignited at the site this year.

“This is definitely smaller than the last one,” said Mission Fire Chief Adrian Garcia. “Our wind speed was a little higher…And we had a potential of having other things in danger.”

Garcia said the fire was small enough that it posed no threat to the nearby Humane Society and Animal Shelter.

Palmview did provide mutual aid with a brush truck.

“We are just trying to contain it,” said Garcia around 11 a.m., while firefighters doused the flames so sanitation workers could move the unharmed brush away — creating a fire break.

Sanitation Department Director Roel Mendiola said small embers caught onto the brush.

“We’re trying to divert most of the brush, get half of it saved while the fire controls the other half,” Mendiola said.

Mission Fire Marshall Frank Cavazos said that the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

“We’re going to be working with our Sanitation Department, trying to figure out better ways of handling this, to keep this from happening again,” said Chief Garcia.

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