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Sharyland HS and SA3 to return to class Tuesday following electrical malfunction

Photo Courtesy of Sharyland ISD

 Sharyland High School and the Sharyland Academic Academy will start classes tomorrow following early dismissal after an electrical circuit malfunction smoked the campus’ main buildings. 


At 10:04 a.m., parents and media partners received an electronic message from the Sharyland ISD Public Relations Office stating students and staff evacuated. 


The Mission Fire Department arrived and discovered that an external AC unit on the roof of the main building continued to run after experiencing a circuit shortage. 


“There was an AC unit that overheated and caused smoke to be pushed into one of the buildings,” Mission Fire Chief Adrian Garcia said. “It kept running. It overheated and caused it to begin to push smoke into the structure. This particular structure didn’t have a lot of windows, so the smoke didn’t have anywhere to go.”


However, Garcia said the alarm system worked perfectly to evacuate those inside. They then identified the source of malfunction with the AC to mitigate any danger.


“Once the source was identified, we secured power,” said Chief.


While the fire department worked to power down the AC unit and stop the spread of smoke, students and staff stayed inside the cafeteria and gymnasium.  


“Because we knew there was going to be an extended evacuation, and we still didn’t have an indication as to what we were going to do at that moment until everything was evaluated, we asked our students and staff to enter our cafeteria,” Sharyland ISD Public Relations Director Nancy Barboza said. 


After turning the power off, the Mission FD called the Edinburg Fire Department for mutual aid and use of their ventilation machines to minimize the smog from the building. Students and staff retrieved their belongings but could not stay there for an extended time. 


“Once that operation was done, we did a courtesy check with monitors to make sure there was no carbon monoxide or anything else in the structure we need to be concerned about,” said Garcia.


Students and staff were released early per an email received at 10:55 a.m. Students who arrived in their vehicles were the first to leave campus, followed by bus routes, and lastly, pick-up. A holding area was provided for students unable to go home.


And the cause? A domino effect started by a duck. 


Barboza stated that a power outage happened before opening after a duck impacted a light post from the nearby Banworth Park.


“AEP came on sight before school started, and by the time school started, we were up and running,” she said. “But that power outage triggered a short circuit, which triggered a malfunction in our AC unit in our main building.” 


Sharyland High School and Sharyland Academic Academy will open and prepare for regular class hours tomorrow morning after maintenance gives the clear. 


“Our maintenance team is assessing everything to make sure it is up and running for tomorrow,” Barboza said. 

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