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A Tuesday Night Doubleheader

Eagles and Coyotes go head-to-head

The Lady Coyote take the win over the Lady Eagles 3 to 2 during their match up at La Joya PAC Stadium. Photo by: Mario Magallon

La Joya Pack Stadium hosted a District 31-6A soccer doubleheader matchup between the Mission Eagles and the La Joya Coyotes. The Lady Eagles and the Lady Coyotes started it all off that night. The Lady Coyotes went into this game on a three game win streak. They got off to a hot start, getting their first goal within the first 13 minutes of the matchup. The offense of the Coyotes was forcing the Eagles to play more defensively. Their offense proved that it was too much for the Eagles as their next goal was only a couple minutes later. The Coyotes went into halftime on top with a score of 2-0.

The Coyotes extended their lead early on in the second half, but this Eagles team started to turn it around. They began to attack the defense of the Coyotes and soon enough they were able to get their first goal of the game. The Eagles continued to bring the pressure as they were two goals away from tying this game. The Coyotes defense was holding up against this Eagles offense as they began to drop back a number of girls to defend at the goal. The Eagles found their way around that defense as they got the ball in the back of the net with eight minutes left in the game. 3-2 Coyotes. In the last eight minutes of the game, the Eagle would try to tie the game at three, but they would ultimately be put away by some sound Coyotes defense. Final: 3-2 Coyotes.

Progress Times spoke to first year Coyotes head coach Eugenio Milla after their win over the Eagles. We asked how his team has been through the first half of district play, “We have been developing our game a little bit better. We’re going in a good direction. This team has been working hard.” Milla went on to say,

“The score at the end of the game doesn’t matter, what matters is that they play a good game of football. As a unit, we have 11 players who all have good feet. They can all play, everyone knows their role, everyone knows what to do, even our substitutes know that they are expected to perform at the top.”

We got the chance to speak to senior midfielder Jharetzy Millan about this win going into this next set of district games, “It was a great game. We weren’t expecting for them to make a comeback, but we were able to fight them off.” We spoke about the goal of getting back to the playoffs, “We’re in a good position, I know we can make it to the playoffs, we just need to put in all our effort to get ourselves in.”

The girls got the job done and now the boys will now have an opportunity to get the job done for themselves.”

The 3-1 Coyotes came into this game fresh off a loss to the Economedes Jaguars. They were looking to get back on track against a 0-4 Eagles team. The Coyotes began to strike, but these Eagles soared. The underdog Eagles were the ones to get on the board first. A quick goal from the Eagles only minutes into the game would turn into another, and another, and another. The Eagles were getting to their spots with ease, playing with an amazing touch, and winning every footrace to the ball.

The Coyotes weren’t going to let the Eagles just run away with it. They were able to answer with a goal on themselves through it all, but it felt as if the Coyotes just weren’t expecting this from the Eagles. The Eagles took advantage as the frustration grew amongst this Coyotes team. They would take this 3-1 lead into the half as the Coyotes would look to find a way to prevent this upset from happening.

Despite the La Joya Coyotes aggressive defense, the Mission Eagle came out on top with the win. Final score Mission 4, La Joya 1. Photo by: Mario Magallon

Not much would come in the second half. The Eagles would put the nail in the coffin with a spectacular header to set them up with a final score of 4-1. The upset was complete as the 0-4 Eagles can now tally one up in the win column at 1-4. The Coyotes drop to 3-2 on the season, but they’ll be looking towards the playoffs as they finish up the final five games of their schedule. Final: 4-1 Eagles.

Progress Times spoke to Eagles assistant coach David Martinez about what this Eagles team did differently to get this upset over the Coyotes, “We went back to fundamentals as well as being positive and encouraging. It’s tough to get motivated when the season is not going well and you have injuries. You need to have that next man up mentality, but the kids have stuck together.” Martinez went on to say, “It was a big win tonight. They stayed focused, positive, and they played with pride.”

For the Lady Coyotes, they’re hoping that they’ll have a shot at that district title this season. They’re currently in second place in their district behind the first place Edinburg North Lady Cougars. If they don’t secure a district championship they’ll still have their sights set on a bi-district championship in the playoffs.

For the Coyotes, this loss doesn’t mean the end. They’re still one of the best teams in the district behind the Economedes Jaguars and the Edinburg North Cougars. They’ll have another shot at the Eagles again as they continue to fight for a spot in the playoffs.

As for the Lady Eagles, taking a loss is not always ideal but they still have some time to turn it around in a district where they can end up competing in the playoffs. Their efforts on the field showed that they will not go out easily.

For the Eagles, a win couldn’t have come at a better time, especially over a great Coyotes team. They will have to keep up this level of play if they want to find themselves in the postseason.

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