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Peñitas flower shop owner faces second arrest

A Peñitas flower shop owner faces a state felony charge after being arrested again for theft. Rosa Barrera, owner of Rossy Floreria, had a victim come forward not too long after her December arrest, where she stole $58,323.32 from a customer.

The Peñitas Police Department arrested the former floral shop owner on February 1, 2024, after they received a statement from a customer on January 25.

Police Chief Roel Bermea acted as the investigating officer and stated it was a different charge than what happened previously in December 2023.

“She saw the judge today, and she was given a ten thousand dollar cash bond, and then she was later transported to the county jail,” he said on February 1, 2024. “She’s been using other people’s credit cards to take money from them.”

According to official documents from the Peñitas Police Department, Barrera stole $7,398.58 from a male customer who purchased from her store in October. They did not make note of a motive.

The customer, redacted to secure anonymity, said he noticed twenty-nine unapproved transactions between October 2, 2023, through December 18, 2023.

“[He] further advised that he contacted Rossy’s Floreria, in which he contacted Rosa Barrera, who admitted to him that she had done the transactions, and she offered to pay him back in payments,” stated the probable cause document obtained by the Progress Times.

Barrera’s business, Rossy Floreria, remains closed.

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