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Mission to paint homes for residents in need

The Paint Mission Beautiful initiative is part of Mission’s ongoing effort to enrich the city’s façade. Leadership created the program to help low-income, elderly and disabled families revamp their homes at no cost. With the help of volunteers and donors, the city will spend Saturdays painting homes and landscaping yards for Mission residents in need. 

“We’re very excited to bring this program to the city of Mission and to help our residents any which way we can,” Sanitation Director Roel Mendiola said.

To be a recipient, residents must apply to the city website. Applicants must be: 

  • a Mission resident
  • 60+ years of age or any age with a permanent disability
  • Low-income

Additionally, the place of residence must be a single-family home. The house must be a frame (wood) structure or brick veneer with siding, and it cannot need major repairs. As for the landscaping, Mendiola said the volunteers can mow yards and clean up gardens, but it depends on the homeowner’s needs. 

“We’re looking at their homes also. We’re going to go review their homes and see what needs to be done for the home,” Mendiola said. “Obviously the program is a free program and it’s just for painting. We’re not remodeling, we’re not doing upkeep on it.” 

The sanitation director said the plan is to start working on the first set of homes April 6. The volunteers will divide each project into two Saturdays — one Saturday to prepare the home, the next Saturday to paint and landscape. Mendiola’s goal is to complete three to four homes each weekend, weather permitting. 

“If we get a good amount of volunteers, we can spread our volunteers throughout the homes and work like that,” the sanitation director said. “The work process is going to be almost like a two-week process.” 

Mendiola also said if a homeowner has a smaller structure they want removed, such as an old shed, the volunteers will tear it down, and the city will supply the disposal for free. 

Paint Mission Beautiful is a year-round program with applications open for an unlimited time, as of now. 

At the Feb. 12 Mission City Council meeting, Councilmember Jessica Ortega said she would join in volunteering and encouraged the other council members to attend. She also stressed equal opportunity in selecting residents from all parts of the city. 

“I just want to make sure that residents of Mission in all quadrants of Mission get assistance,” she said. “Because I know that my area…there’s a lot of older citizens there that may not have families to help them…the north side of town may also need assistance so I hope that we keep it fair amongst all community members.” 

Mendiola said he and his team plan to visit neighborhoods in person to ask homeowners if they would like to apply for the program. The city is taking community recommendations for which subdivisions to visit. 

Paint Mission Beautiful is volunteer and donor-based, so there is no cost to the city or the recipients. Mendiola said they are teaming up with local vendors such as Sherwin Williams, Home Depot and McCoy’s Building Supply for all the materials. They also hope to earn grants through the Community Development Block Grant program and Keep Texas Beautiful.  

Anyone interested in donating or volunteering can contact the city at 956.583.2564 or email

“It’s important to the city that we reach out to our residents to let them know that there’s a helping hand in the city of Mission,” Mendiola said. “I know a lot of times, they’re not able to paint their homes or beautify their gardens. So that’s why, in the city of Mission, it’s really important for them to know that we’re there for them to support them and help them out any which way we can.”

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