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Responsibility deferred

The fact that Mission unilaterally deferred millions of dollars in money owed to EDC. The fact that it didn’t come to light till eight months later. The fact that it was the EDC that had to blow the whistle. All of these facts pale in comparison to the fact that no one has been honest enough to say “I authorized that”.

I hope the voters of Mission recognize that the destination/use of that much money could not have been changed without the knowledge and approval of someone at the Council, or top City management level.

OK, whoever you are you have deferred taking responsibility too long. Own up, be the more honest one of the group, and show us that Mission has not developed a culture of secrecy.

Ned Sheats


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  1. David Garza on February 27, 2024 at 8:07 am

    Couldn’t agree more. However this culture of secrecy isn’t anything new in development… it’s home grown!
    The city of Mission can’t move forward when it is scaring away highly qualified employees, they don’t wanna get their hands dirty in the cesspool city council is brewing. Resignations are no surprise.

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