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La Joya ISD releases 90-day plan to strengthen district foundation

Last week, the La Joya Independent School District released a 90-day administration plan to restore the educational foundation of the district following the appointment of a new Board of Managers and Superintendent by the Texas Education Agency.

“My initial 90-day plan is just the beginning of our collaborative journey,” said Superintendent Marcey Sorensen. “It’s an opportunity for me to immerse myself in your hopes and dreams for our district.”

Sorensen also stated that financial transparency is among the beliefs she will implement while responsibly allocating resources, a new leaf turned after the district faced scandal.

“Financial transparency as well as strong organizational management are my pledges to the community,” wrote the superintendent in the five-page plan. “We earn trust by responsibly allocating resources appropriately, honoring the community’s investment in our future leaders – our children.”

While working with this district and warming up to the culture, the new superintendent stated that she seeks to empower students and staff to strengthen the educational community.

A big focus is creating an environment that ensures student success not only as a responsibility, but a moral imperative. Values Sorensen hopes to implement are excellence, integrity, and collaboration.

The 90-day plan

The plan has four phases:

Phase 1 – Listen

Phase 2 – Learn

Phase 3 – Analyze

Phase 4 – Act.

Phase 1, focused on the initial 30 days of the new school year, acts as an opportunity to roundtable with staff, administration, stakeholders, and students.

The superintendent will assemble with Board of Education groups and meet with principals, assistant principals, and teachers.

District policies, procedures, and practices alongside an initial review of the yearly budget, staffing allocation, and operation processes will occur. The district also plans on inviting parents and stakeholders to community events to gain their feedback.

For Phase 2, the district will take a deeper look at the infrastructure and culture of the school departments.

Financial and Human Resource policies and practices will be reviewed in detail, while the district will discuss academic data and instructional priorities.

Through the data findings, the LJISD district will identify weak points in strategy and host strategic planning workshops for staff in Phase 3. The school community, which consists of stakeholders, parents, and family, will be notified of findings to prepare for future action.

With all this work done over a total of 60 days, the district seeks to build a strategic plan that enforces transparency, build an engagement plan for the superintendent and central office leadership management, and create a relationship with parents to include them in shared decision-making for the final phase.

“Together, we will ensure La Joya ISD remains the preferred choice for families, offering a safe and vibrant environment where every child excels,” said Sorensen. “I am here to earn your trust and lead with integrity, championing our teachers and leaders as we strive towards unprecedented heights of success.”

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