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Mission PD identifies sergeant in Saturday shooting, suspect’s identity undisclosed

The Mission Police Department gave limited answers at a press conference Tuesday morning following Saturday’s officer-involved shooting that left an official and a suspect hospitalized.

At approximately 10:25 a.m. on March 16, a Mission PD sergeant approached an individual walking on foot off of FM494 while on patrol. After the sergeant began interviewing the individual, gunfire was exchanged, with the suspect shooting first and the sergeant returning fire twice with his on-duty pistol.

The response to the incident was quick, with mutual aid offered that morning by Border Patrol and the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.

“I can’t be prouder of our staff for their response that day,” Chief Cesar Torres said, applauding de-escalation training and tactics used to “minimize incidents like these.”

Torres then identified the sergeant as Sgt Adrian Alejandro, 39, who sustained a gunshot wound to his lower torso.

Alejandro, who has served the police department since 2009, was recently promoted to sergeant six months ago.

His partner, Melissa, said Alejandro is ‘fighting hard’ according to a Facebook post on Monday, March 18.

“Adrian is fighting hard and is on his way to recovery,” Melissa wrote. “The fight he has in him is unexplainable.”

According to a family friend’s GoFundMe campaign, Alejandro has undergone two emergency surgeries and remains stable in the ICU.

The same cannot be said for the suspect, who remains in critical condition after enduring two gunshot wounds to the chest.

Chief Torres said the suspect’s name will not be released until officially charged.

Despite not releasing the identity of the shotgun wielder, Torres said that the person has dual residency with no family or current family connections.

“We’ve tried several addresses, and they don’t know who he is. They don’t know where he’s from,” Torres said. “He currently has, we’ve identified a couple of addresses, a couple of phone numbers.”

The phone numbers obtained appear out of service, with the addresses leading them to a dead end.

“He had an address out of McAllen and an address out of Mission,” Torres said. “We don’t know where he lives now.”

Torres could not disclose how the altercation began at this time.

“We have not interviewed our sergeant. We have not interviewed the suspect due to their status at the hospital.”

Two investigations remain underway, one internally led by the Mission Police Department and the other by the Texas Rangers.

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