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Sullivan PD units receive mobile record system installation

Sullivan City police officers will now write police reports while on patrol after installing a Mobile Records Management System in their units last Thursday.

A Records Management System, also known as an RMS, is a technological database that houses police records and documents. Police can record and file writing while making traffic stops or arrests.

“We do all of our logs there, all of our names that we put in there to report. It’s iCloud-based,” Chief of Police Reynaldo Cortes Jr. said.

Now, ten mobile units have the system installed in mobile laptops since the PD was established in 2001.

Before acquiring the RMS, the Sullivan Police Department would need to return to their headquarters to fill in data and reports, sometimes needing to drive from long distances outside the western part of Hidalgo County.

The Sullivan City Chief of Police said the new system mitigates officers’ need to file reports at the station.

Other resources are on the horizon, with the PD recently applying for Operation Stonegarden, a grant based on joint investments to aid local border patrol, and the Border Star, a grant that centers on intelligence tools to increase the effectiveness of federal, state, and local law enforcement aid.

“We have definitely planned for more equipment,” he said. “One that I can tell you for sure that is coming to Sullivan PD is the License Plate Reader.”

He continued.

“We’ve never had these resources before,” he added. “It’s just to have more time for the citizens and the community. Yes…everything helps out a lot, but…the community…is always going to come first no matter what.”

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