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City of Alton launches website, plans for growth this year

Alton LOGO TNALTON— The City of Alton Development Corporation (CADC) is prepping for the upcoming year with a main goal of growth and development.

Steve Peña, assistant city manager/CADC general manager explained the focus is not solely on building development, but website growth as well.

“We opted to do a whole new website, so we spent about $8,000 or so through the CADC, and hired MPC Studios to develop our website,” Peña said. “We wanted to make it user friendly.”

Peña said he along with a few staff members have access to the site, updating it regularly to keep the community up to date with services and upcoming projects for the city.

Citizens can find information on: birth/death certificates, building permits, business requirements, city rentals, court payments, garbage and solid waste collection, recycling, public information and U.S. Passports.

Potential developers can find information about the city that is needed for planning prior to projects, and it makes for more efficient communication, Peña said. The website lists maps, ordinances, population, traffic studies and space availability.

The city council has chosen to have the CADC act as the face of the future. Peña said city leaders want to see more job creation, a sales tax increase and a better quality of life for the city.


The city’s new fire station is scheduled to be complete in August 2014, with a total project cost of $945,000. This project was started in March 2013 and is funded through part loan and part grant with the USDA Rural Development program.

The facility will include three offices, secretary area, lobby area, conference room, training room, kitchen, dormitories and vehicle bays.

Alton has also renamed its Industrial Park to Business Park where a building is in discussion to be retrofitted for a digital library. The facility would be open to the public and a first of its kind to the Rio Grande Valley.

“Community Facilities is another grant that we have turned in and hopefully we will be able to awarded this one in 2014 to retrofit a 25,000-square-foot warehouse into a digital library.” Peña said. “It is going to be a phenomenal piece of work.”

The City of Alton sanitary sewer improvements project was started in July 2012 at a project cost of $7.1 million. As of September 2013, the project was 65 percent complete, the project is due to be completed in 2014.

In 2013, Alton welcomed a new Junior’s Supermarket, Golden Chick and a new McDonald’s restaurant.

Peña added the city council along with the realtor and broker for the Los Fuentes Plaza, home to Junior’s Supermarket, are making plans for the three empty pad sites on the property.

“We are all working together … we are looking at some local eateries, retail stores and a pharmaceutical franchise,” Peña said. “That is what is up and coming in 2014.”

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