The power of paranoia in It Comes At Night

While many people have made no secret of their eagerness to get out of the house and return to a sense of engagement in society, I began to wonder what a pandemic would look like if we had no choice in the matter?  Or, the better question may be, how would people react? This week,…

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‘The Florida Project’ and making your own magic

At some point in many of our lives, the fantasies that occupy mundane moments fade away as reality creeps to the forefront. It’s time for another quarantine watch. This week’s film, The Florida Project, was one that was initially on my radar when it was released in 2017. Like many independent films, this movie had…

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Film Review: ‘The Mist’ in midst of the Coronavirus

The idea of an unorganized lockdown is scary, but for some reason it’s even more harrowing when portrayed in black and white. Amid the social distancing recommendations being instilled across the country, we at the Progress Times have been encouraged to stay home. Reading, writing and movie/television-watching have become the only acceptable entertainment options in…

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