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Palmview High School graduates class of 2017

It was a sea of black Saturday at the State Farm Arena as Palmview High School graduated more than 500 of its seniors during their graduation ceremony.


For many of the students, the graduation marked a reflection on the time they’ve spent together throughout their teenage years.

20170527 PalmviewGraduation 0073

Palmview High School seniors flip their tassels signifying they have graduated as the class of 2017. Progress Times Photo by Jose De Leon III

Addressing his fellow graduates, Senior Class President Jose Bazan remarked how it seemed like only yesterday he was just a young freshman fearing the upperclassmen.


“We are getting ready to end one of the most important moments of our lives,” Bazan said. “High school has been an emotional time for us that will be a nostalgic roller coaster ride for each and every one of us in the future. We must remember how Palmview High School has created a sense of community and pride as we transition from high school to the real world. May we always be friends when we meet again.”


That sense of community was echoed in the speech by Salutatorian Angela Moreno who said it would be impossible for her to summarize her four years of high school in one speech.


“What I can say is, we made it,” Moreno said. “Within the halls of Palmview High School we have made memories. Some cried, some laughed, others felt lost, love, some were able to find a second home in school and some could not wait to go home.”


Though graduation signifies an end of one journey, Moreno urged her fellow graduates to view it as an opportunity for a new beginning.


“Better things are yet to come. We will have more friends, memories and events to look forward to,” she said. “We shouldn’t be afraid of change, but rather embrace it. We are living in a society where we constantly hear ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Perhaps it is time we start following this advice. It is our time to demonstrate millennials are not lazy, but work smart. It is our time now.”


Valedictorian Nathaniel Perez also urged his fellow Lobos to make new memories outside of high school as their graduation should serve as motivation for venturing out into the real world.


“Whether you’re ranked 500 or five, we’re all equal, you just need to pursue your God-given abilities and find your passion. As we look into the future, we must not forget where we started,” Perez said. “Within the walls of Palmview High School and the memories we’ve made and tasks we’ve endured, we must see that though we may get discouraged in the future we can always look back to this school, this moment and remember what we’ve accomplished. We did it. We’re finally graduating.”

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