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Maria Aurora Ruiz announces for La Joya City Council Place 1

Mrs. Maria Aurora Ruiz has been a resident of La Joya, Texas for almost 30 years.  Along with her husband of 29 years, Homero Ruiz, they have raised their son, Luis Antonio and two daughters, Aissa and Adriana Ruiz, in this city they call home.  They also own and operate Pete’s Muffler Shop, which has serviced the community of La Joya for over 35 years.  


As an owner of a small family-owned business Mrs. Ruiz has the opportunity to interact with citizens and listen to their concerns.  With encouragement from friends and neighbors, she has decided to seek office on the La Joya City Council to address all of those concerns.

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As a citizen, business-owner and parent she feels it is her civic duty to step up and be part of the movement to revive and conserve her hometown.  One of her main goals when elected is to increase efforts to attract and retain businesses.  Another major concern is the lack of recreational activities for the youth.  The parks need to be renovated and made available for use.  It saddens her that the youth of La Joya have to resource neighboring cities for recreation.  


Most importantly, she wants to establish transparency in all city operations by transmitting live meetings and hosting town hall meetings.  She believes that city business should be black and white, with no gray area that leaves room for ambiguity.  Officials should be approachable and available to answer citizens concerns. Mrs. Ruiz vows to go above and beyond 100% in commitment, effort and dedication as an elected city official.


Mrs. Ruiz’ career experience ranges from working for Hidalgo County Court, La Joya ISD, and assisting her husband in running their business.  The majority of her career has been working for La Joya Independent School District where she just started her 30th year.   There she passionately assists in the day-to-day operations of the Physical Plants Department.  Throughout her career she has contributed accuracy and accountability to each entity; something she wants to bring to the City of La Joya.


Mrs. Ruiz was born and raised in Edinburg, Texas.  She is the daughter of Matias and Rupaja Ramos. She is one of six siblings.  Mrs. Ruiz is a graduate of Edinburg High School Class of 1982 and Texas State Technical Institute class of 1983.  In her free time, she has participated and helped coordinate many community events and activities to promote and protect the well being of the city residents.

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